Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Rotary Clubs working in partnership with the Stroke Association

Rotary Clubs working in partnership with the Stroke Association

Know Your Blood Pressure Day

Held on a day convenient to clubs, usually in April, in conjunction with the Stroke Association and RIBI it enables Rotary Clubs to give a service to their local communities.

Rotary Club members throughout RIBI are saving lives with this blood pressure testing.
Every spring, club members round the country have tested the blood pressure of passersby. Club members and others medically trained to do this provide the specialist expertise, while other Rotarians carry out the clerical tasks of taking down relevant personal details and referring people to their GPs if necessary.

Everybody is being urged to have a blood pressure test to avoid becoming a statistic of the UK's third biggest killer. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of the UK's population is unknowingly suffering from undiagnosed high blood pressure, which is the single biggest risk factor for stroke.

As a result of last year's Rotary Stroke and Health Awareness campaign, 13,000 people in the UK had their blood pressure taken and 1,200 were referred on to their GPs.

If you are a club planning a KYBP event, please register on the Stroke Association website

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Stroke Association award for Rotary

At their Life After Stroke Awards Ceremony on June 12 2014, The Stroke Association gave a Special Recognition Award to Rotary in Britain and Ireland for 'an outstanding contribution to the Stroke Association from an individual or organisation'


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