Rotary in Ireland serving international causes

International Services Chair
Sean Dunne (Newbridge)
Firone, Great Connel, Newbridge, Co Kildare

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Welcome to International Service - Rotary Ireland

International Service is at the core of Rotary’s work - Serving Humanity

Mission Statement

The objective of the District International Service Team is to encourage, advice and support Rotary clubs within District 1160 to make a difference internationally. To improve the lives of those communities who are hungry, thirsty or sick or who have no future, hope or shelter. We will encourage the fellowship aspect of international service through exchange programs and twinning, from which joint international projects may develop.

Why should clubs have an international project ?

Rotary Clubs should embrace International projects, because we are members of Rotary International an organisation that looks outwards, over its national borders, to help communities abroad.

According to the World Health Organisation, 80% of the people on this planet live in substandard housing conditions, 70% are unable to read, 50% are suffering from malnutrition, 40% have no sanitation and 20% do not have safe clean water to drink. We know that 10,000 children die each day through lack of vaccination and that water borne disease kill an estimated 20,000+ on a daily basis.

Rotary is synonymous with overseas charity work

22,000 children die every day needlessly

1 in 7 people are hungry everyday

We lose a child to hunger every 10 sec

For example: 70% income in Kenya spent on food, only 9% here in Ireland

If the world was populated with 100 people:

43 have no basic sanitation

18 have no drinking water

14 are hungry or malnourished

12 cannot read

12 have a computer / only 8 have internet

21 live on less than $1 a day

We have all the money we need to feed the world:

We only need an extra $10 billion annually to solve global malnutrition

However, we spend $12 billion annually on perfume

And we spend $750 billion annually on arms

We have all the food we need to feed the world:

2,700 kilocalories per person per day

So why are there still 22,000 innocent little children dying every day? 

They are dying because not enough people care about them. Governments will follow the peoples lead, but people around the world feel helpless and believe they cannot make a difference. That is not true of Rotarians. We know we can make a difference. We have the ability, the know-how, the contacts, the reach, the hands-on experience and man power to make a difference. This is what we (Rotarians) do in our International Service every day.

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