Lady Health Workers

In conjunction with Sightsavers – Lady Health Care Workers in Pakistan

In conjunction with Sightsavers – Lady Health Care Workers in Pakistan

Sightsavers works with Pakistan’s Government and health services with the aim of developing the infrastructure and human resources to enable a sustainable eye health service that does not need external support.  Pakistan’s incredible network of Lady Health Workers play a vital role in reaching marginalised and isolated women and girls from rural communities in Pakistan with equal access to eye care services, saving many from avoidable blindness.

An astonishing 21 million people in Pakistan have impaired vision, an estimated 1.8 million of whom are blind. Of these, cataract is the leading cause of their blindness, and yet it is entirely preventable - 90% of these conditions could be prevented or reversed, but only if they are detected at the primary level.

For children there is an urgent need to treat cataract before permanent damage is done. If children do not receive surgery before the age of eight, cataract can lead to irreversible blindness.

Women and girls are disproportionally far more likely to be blind. Due to social, economic and political reasons, women in Pakistan regularly find it difficult to access health care.

 Sightsavers Lady Health Workers Project

 Lady Health Workers are trained to go door-to-door providing basic front-line health services Sightsavers is working with the Government in Pakistan to strengthen this network of Lady Health Workers – giving training and providing the equipment and medicines they need.

 In 2017 over 7.3 million people received eye care through this network of Lady Heath Workers. In the same year, over 12,000 sight saving operations for women and girls in Pakistan were performed. To date, over 68,500 Lady Health workers have been trained and equipped in primary eye care and this year the aim is to train a further 1,900.

 Rotary Ireland support would help to train 1,900 more Lady Health Workers in eye care, as well as ensuring these incredibly effective community health workers have the equipment and medicines they need to ensure marginalised and isolated women and girls have equal access to eye health services. 

 A contribution of £450/€500 per club would go a long way to assist the training and provision of equipment. Please Help Rotary Ireland to support Lady Health Workers / Sightsavers and contribute to RIBI District 1160.