District Grants


District grants allow clubs ( and District) to support specific service interests that
are in line with The Rotary Foundation mission, and support one or more of the Six Areas of Focus  and that address immediate needs in their local communities and abroad, and can be completed within a very short period of time.

Clubs should submit funding requests to district by 31st May 2014, through the Grant Chair Dave Murray,
Clubs can in the first instance send a short e-mail describing the beneficiaries, the amount requested , the spending plan, and the time-line.

The District Grant Committee ( usually comprising at a minimum , the DG, The District Grant Chair, The DRFC and the District Treasurer )  determine which requests to approve, and with the prior knowledge of the maximum District Grant available to District Ireland,  and the probable call on available DDF for Global Grant activities ,  the Committee determine  the grant amount to apply for from The Rotary Foundation.

 The  district grant application is then reviewed by  TRF , who must then must  approve all aspects of the District Grant application before the grant   payment is made to district.

 On that basis no individual club can assume they can start their planned project until the actual District Grant cheque is issued to the club by the District Grant Chair -  

Clubs are asked to submit their funding requests to the Grant Chair Dave Murray Rotary 
Club of Dublin Fingal, dmurray@enua.ie by 31st May 2014, for the in-coming year -2014-2015

 The District can make only one application for the total District Grant per Rotary Year.


  • A club requests US$2,500 from the district to purchase new books for three local schools
  • To provide a summer scholarship for a local secondary level student to attend a summer
    foreign language programme