Technology Tournament


Participating Rotary clubs and Rotary districts run the RIBI technology tournaments annually. These events usually take place in a large school or civic hall and enable many teams to take part from neighbouring local schools & colleges.

Technology TournamentStudents have to use team-building skills to solve a design and technology problem, as well as to use oral, written and graphical communications skills to compile a project portfolio.

The tournaments are a one-day event for teams of four students from local schools and colleges, and they undertake to collectively solve the previously unseen task in a given period of time under Rotarian supervised tournament conditions.

There are three age levels for team members; foundation, intermediate or advanced. The degree of complexity of the task is increased at each age level.

Foundation Task for students in Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 14)
Intermediate Task for students in Key Stage 4 (ages 14 to 16)
Advanced Task for students in Key Stage 5 (ages 16+)

The task is consistent with the requirements of the national curriculum and its execution develops team building, communication skills, planning and time management, as well as solving the design and technology task.


The day culminates in the testing session when teams can see the performance of competing designs and solutions. Certificates of participation are awarded to those involved together with prizes for the winning teams. All enquiries regarding this competition and entries in District1160 should be addressed to  Betty McNerlin (Limavady) Email Tel.+44 (0) 2877763823 or Pat O