Rotarian Mike Yates is again making arrangements to enable volunteer Rotarians and family to take part in the National Immunisation Day (NID) in India on 28th January 2018. Contact 

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The Rotarians in India are really looking forward to welcoming visiting Rotarians and will be very disappointed if there are not sufficient numbers.

It is absolutely vital that high immunisation levels are maintained across the whole of India and the presence of visiting Rotarians at immunisation booths always increases the immunisation levels as the children come in large numbers to see them.

Rotarians who have previously participated in these trips have found the whole experience inspiring, humbling, exciting, joyous, motivating and eye opening.

The reasons for sending volunteers is threefold

  • We demonstrate to our partners in Unicef and WHO that Rotary is not just a fund raising organisation but the world’s biggest service organisation.We give a tremendous boost to local Rotarians who have been manning booths regularly for many years and where undoubtedly fatigue is setting in.
  •  Most important of all, we get a higher turnout of children in a poor area or Delhi slum when there are these strange foreigners in their bright yellow Rotary shirts.

There is also a personal benefit to the volunteers in knowing that you have prevented a child from this horrible disease and many find they have had a very moving experience.

Mike Yates

RIBI NID Coordinator

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