West Worthing Hosts the Three Clubs Dinner at the new Lancing Preparatory School, formerly Broadwater Manor School, with speakers from the school and Lancing College

Rotary and Lancing College Look Forward


The three Worthing Rotary Clubs, West Worthing Club, Worthing Steyne Club and Worthing Club work very closely together on a range of community and charitable projects.   These include the annual Rotary Carnival and the Three Forts Challenge.  

The close working relationship of the three Clubs is celebrated each year by a joint event - the Three Clubs Dinner - which is hosted in turn by each of the clubs.


This year it was the turn of West Worthing Club to host the event.   The opportunity was taken to celebrate West Worthing Rotary Club's links with Lancing College as the College enters a new era with its association with Lancing Preparatory School (formerly Broadwater Manor School) and with the recent appointments of two new Heads.


Altogether over 60 Rotarians, partners and guests sat down to dinner in the hall of the Lancing Preparatory School.   They were joined by guest speakers from the Schools.   Dr Harry Brũnjes, the Chairman of the Lancing School Board of Governors, Dominic Oliver the Headmaster of Lancing College and Heather Beeby - Head Teacher, Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing.


We are all familiar with the dominant and proud image of the Lancing College Chapel which stands out from the downs for all coastal travellers to see.  The College and the Chapel are not as old as one might think, having been founded by the Revd Nathaniel Woodard in 1848.  Woodard founded 11 schools in his lifetime and there are now over 40 schools.    They were intended to address social problems by providing 'a good and complete education grounded in the Christian faith'.


Introducing the school, Chair of Governors Dr Harry Brũnjes illustrated how the school has continued to advance through the years and now has a distinguished role call of past pupils which attest the quality of the education provided.  These include Tim Rice, Tom Sharpe, Evelyn Waugh, Tom Driberg, Trevor Huddlestone, and John Williams, the actor, to name but a few.


He explained how the college has strengthened its provision for its students through the acquisition of Preparatory Schools, Mowden Preparatory School in Hove, now Lancing Prep Hove, and Broadwater Manor School, now Lancing Prep Worthing. 


Dr Brũnjes continued: 'Lancing College is now flourishing; when pupils leave the College after their A Levels they are confident, responsible young men and women of vision and integrity who will be assets to their communities. They have benefited from excellent teaching and facilities, and the huge range of activities and opportunities. But the work never stops to ensure that this standard of education will be continued into the future.'


Headmaster of the College, Dominic Oliver said 'The College is not just about high attainment in exams, but to provide a full and holistic experience that can liberate and inspire the children and give them the tools to release their full potential in life.'   


Newly appointed Head of Lancing Preparatory School, Heather Beeby stressed the role of the teacher 'Children need to be valued and it is our place to provide meaningful support'.  Heather asked the assembled Rotarians to think of their inspirational teacher and the influence that has had on their life. 'Such teachers have powerful influence and are roles models for us that shape our progress in life' she said.


Thanking the speakers for their contribution, President of West Worthing, David Langley said 'We are truly impressed by the talented and dedicated team of people who pour their energies into the College to ensure the children have a bright future.'


He mentioned the support Rotary gives to the College project in Malawi where the College has links with a private mission hospital, St Anne's, and much has been done through raising money to considerably improve the health care provided.   The students are directly involved through trips to Malawi and the hospital where the students undertake voluntary work during their bi annual visits.


David concluded by saying 'We do admire the work of the College and hope to strengthen our association so that we may continue to support the College in its endeavours'. 

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