Congratulations to DG Tim and his Conference team for a truly memorable and inspiring Conference 2015

Light Up Rotary - Create Opportunity

Rotary District1090 Conference at Telford

6-8 March 2015

Above are a small selection of photos from members of the very energetic Conference Social Media team and others to remind us of the fun we all had.

We were promised something different, and this certainly was! Having selected a new venue in the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, it came as something of a surprise to find our neighbours in the Telford International Conference Centre were over 400 Alpacas! But being a large centre with plenty of halls, it just added to the entertainment value of the weekend without encroaching on our space and proved a novel way to 'Lighten up Rotary'! OK, so we missed a trick in not being featured on the BBC One Show like our furry friends, but .......

From the simply stunning stage set to truly inspirational speakers and great entertainment, this was indeed a weekend to remember. It was particularly fitting that International Women's Day was celebrated in fine style by having four extremely distinguished female keynote speakers in addition to Joan Greening giving a second instalment of 'Inspirational Women' to the Inner Wheel Meeting on Friday. All speakers had amazing stories to tell, each creating opportunities through their work with others.