Earthquake in Nepal

Lila Baniya, a past GSE Team member from Nepal, has sent an email about conditions in his village following the eathquake

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Rtn Mike Bamford, AG for Bradford 10, has just returned from Nepal and sent the following update;

It’s a bit of a mess out there. 

The worst affected area is NE of Pokhara OR NW of Kathmandu leading up to the Himalayas.  I managed to hand over >£1000 of rupees to Rtn Binod who reading his reports spent 70% yesterday in food, blankets etc etc yesterday.  [see word document above]

Also you might remember the GSE Team from 5/6 years ago and a guy called Lila Baniya, Nepal Tourist Board [see 0379jpg attached].  His senior generation family also live in Kunchok a village in the Sindhupalchowk District.  Unfortunately Lila is working on his own, using money we gave him and has bought rice, tents etc.  At present he's a Friend of Rotary. We're talking on Facebook Messenger and this morning I've put him in touch with Binod. 

Bottom line they are basically short of "people resources" to help in the affected areas.  As far as money is concerned I keep repeating "ASK" and no doubt when they reflect on the situation they'll decide how best to respond.

Lila works in Marketing Tourism and realises the power of photographs.  He is good at sending them over and attached are a few.

The Panchamul Valley is in comparison not too badly affected. Although they felt the tremor not too much damage is reported.  Mjr Lil is in contact with the village.

Mjr Lils RC, Himalayan Gurkhas,  are also taking significant action. Through his president he has asked their members after they return from their village of birth to report back to his club on the situation.  They'll formulate an action plan and then request financial help from us.

The last photo is from Binod and shows his club distributing materials.  Also below is his report on what they found

Not much more I can add really apart that the £1,000+ we've given them has almost been spent and we wait them asking for more money.  Perhaps we need to charter a plane and go over there and help  :-)


Mike Bamford

18/5/15 Here is a YouTube video of Mike's interview on ITV's Caledar

Report on Saturday from Members of RC Pokhara Fishtail distributing aid in the high Himalayan foothills..

The Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail has distributed relief materials to affected people in Bhachok eight days after the catastrophic earthquake hit Nepal. The club under the leadership of president Ramakant Baral distributed relief materials worth Rs 130,000.
Rotarian and team member Tej Gurung has informed that most houses in Bhachok have collapsed in the April 25 earthquake.
Club president Baral has said that the situation will worsen for victims once Monsoon arrives and damaged house will be further affected.
We distributed tents, blankets and mattresses to 35 earthquake affected families in Bhachok. The high school building in Bhachok has also suffered damages due to the earthquake. The school's president Jas Bahadur Gurung, Rotarians Laxmi Thapa, Gopal Prasad Baral, Binod Koirala, Shiva Prasad Parajuli and Red Cross representative Subash Sapkota participated in the relief distribution program.

13/5/15 The Rotary Club of Himalayan Gurkhas has sent the following report- Earthquake_25_April_2015.pdf  Three villages where some members were born have been almost completely destroyed. Rotary in Yorkshire has responded by sending £11,000 to help the villages rebuild sufficiently to cope with the monsoon.

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RC Himalayan Gurkhas are sending reports which gives us a breakdown of where and how the District Fund money is being used in Nepal.

Nepalese amongst destruction

Temporary shelters for Nepal

In June 2015, the Rotary Club of the Himalayan Gurkhas accessed and approved the support of temporary shelters in the Gorkha district in which all houses had completely!collapsed as a result of the devastating earthquake on April 25th 2015.


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