The Regional Final was held on Sunday 18th March at Forest Hills Hotel, Frodsham. A great day, well organised by the RC of Frodsham & Helsby. All results posted below. The National Final will take place on Saturday 12th May at Exmouth Community College

Rotary District 1285


             Regional Final - Sunday 18th March at Forest Hills Hotel,Frodsham. 


The Regional Final of the Youth Speaks competition was held  on Sunday 18th March and a  list of Schools taking part is given below.

Intermediate category






Proposer VOT

Sponsoring Rotary Club

Birkenhead School

Why Achievement is More Than Just a Number

Rachel Oulton

Jimmy Sergi

Ellie Price


Bolton School (Girls)

Planet Earth

Aakifah Ismail

Ella Worsley

Carol Habib

Bolton Daybreak



Flint High School

Mental Health

Erica Roberts

Kate John

Carys Watchorn


Ripley St Thomas CE Academy

Global Distribution of Wealth

Ryan Moorhouse

Tommy Hill

Andrew Hirst


Stonyhurst College

Disenchanted with Magic: A Defence of the Truth

Madelaine Frank

Adrienne Meagher

Tristan Alford



1st place              Flint High School

2nd place            Ripley St Thomas CE Academy

3rd place             Bolton School (Girls)

Best Chairperson    Ryan Moorhouse  (Ripley St Thomas CE Academy)

Best Speaker          Kate John (Flint High School)

Best VOT                Carol Habib (Bolton School(Girls)

Senior category






Proposer VOT

Sponsoring Rotary Club

Alun School

Think Before You Speak

Aled Hanson

Nadine Dellaway

Imogen Parsley


Bolton School (Girls)

Financial Literacy

Hafsa Syed

Lucy Stiles

Elizabeth Crowther

Bolton Daybreak

Oswestry School

Science Fighting Dogma or Skinny Dipping in Bognor: What is Freedom?

Maisie Evans

Valeriia Chertilina

Tsveta Stratieva


St Michael's CE High School

Mental Health: Accepting not Rejecting

Georgia Cooper

Emily Crook

Finty Royle

Chorley Astley

The Lakes School

The Steely Grey Area of American Gun Laws

Isaac Parkinson

Reece Hammond

Ben Faulkner


Tower College

Selling Shakespeare

Pratyush Mishra

Eliza McCarthy

Eila Craig

St Helens


1st place    `             St Michael's CE High School

2nd place                 Oswestry School        

3rd place                  Bolton School (Girls)

Best Chairperson      Hafsa Syed (Bolton School (Girls)

Best Speaker            Emily Crook (St Michael's CE High School)

Best VOT                  Tsveta Stratieva (Oswestry School)


The winning teams from the Intermediate & Senior categories now move forward to represent our Region in the Natiional Final. This is being held at Exmouth Community College, Green Close, Exmouth EX8 3PZ on Saturday 12th May.


Good luck to both Flint High School and St Michael's CE High School.  

Finally a sincere word of thanks to Rotarian Warren Heyes and his team of helpers from  Frodsham & Helsby Rotary Club and the Inner Wheel.  The event was well organised and we much appreciate all the time and effort that went into  the organisation.

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