Guidance Notes: Young Writer

Young Writer: Guidance Notes for Clubs

Young Writer: Guidance Notes for Clubs

Young Writer: Guidance Notes for Clubs

Rotary International District 1010

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Guidance Notes for Young Writer 

  • Contact schools, primary and secondary, colleges and youth organisations as early as possible – ideally at the start of term or session
  • Remember that entries need not come only from schools so encourage individual Rotarians to publicise this, put up a poster in your local library, village shop etc. If there is a local creative writing group this may be a good source of entries.
  • For schools and youth groups try to identify specific individuals, teachers or youth leaders who will be your contacts.  In some schools, particularly primary, you may find that all your entries come from one enthusiastic teacher and class rather from the whole school.
  • Ensure that your contacts have copies of the entry form and regulations and know where to access more – from you or via the website. 
  • If possible arrange for an enthusiastic Rotarian to visit schools and youth clubs and promote the competition. 
  • Make sure that everyone involved knows the deadline for entries to be submitted to your club. 
  • All entries to be forwarded to District must comply with the RIBI requirement of a letter, which may be typed or handwritten on no more than one side of A4.
  • Arrange a panel of judges – 3 is ideal. The panel should include one person with relevant experience.  This person could be a local writer, journalist or teacher.
  • Fix a date for judging.  Remember to leave enough time to forward winners to District.
  • Organise a participation certificate, signed by your club President for every entrant.  I can send a draft one if helpful.
  • Decide on prizes for best entries in each age group.
  • If possible arrange publicity around prize and certificate presentation e.g. during school assembly.  Your local paper or radio station may think this an item of local interest worth covering. Local radio may give the prize winners the opportunity to read their winning entries on air.
  • Send the winning entry in each category for which you have received entries to me for judging at District level. Please note all entries must be accompanied by the completed RIBI entry form.
  • A certificate, signed by the District Governor will be presented to all District finalists. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category.
  • The winning entries will be District 1010’s entries in the RIBI final.
  • All entries in the RIBI final will receive a certificate signed by the RIBI President.  The winners in each category will receive appropriate prizes.

          Alistair Campbell, District Young Writer Coordinator

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