Young Photographer 2020 - Information for Clubs

Information for Clubs

If as the saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words” then surely this is a skill that Rotarians should be encouraging young people to develop.  The Young Photographer competition provides an excellent opportunity to clubs to do this.  Although the normal catchment for most Youth Service competitions will be schools this competition is also likely to appeal to Community and Youth groups and organisations such as Guides, Scouts, Boys Brigade etc. 

I would appeal to all 1010 Rotarians to spread the word about the Young Photographer competition as widely as possible and to encourage young people to participate in it. 

Each year the entry requirements are to produce a portfolio of three (3) photographs in colour or black and white on photographic paper. Each print, including any mount, to be no larger than A4. The theme for 2019-20 is "Through My Eyes".

Essential Information


  • All entries to Club by date to be determined by Club  (suggested early February)
  • Club winners in each age group to District by 6 March 2020
  • District winners in each age group will be sent on to the national RIBI competition.

Age Groups 

  •  Junior 7 to 10: Intermediate 11 to 13: Senior 14 to 17
  • Age as at 31/8/2019.

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For the entry form click here.


For additional advice and information  contact:

Donald Stewart, District Young Photographer Coordinator