Discover Rotary

... and make a World of Difference

Discover Rotary ...

... and make a World of Difference


Thank you for visiting.  Here is your opportunity to Discover Rotary.

Rotary offers you fantastic opportunities for participating in and delivering humanitarian service throughout he world and for making a difference within your own communities here at home. For volunteering, friendship, fun, personal development, fulfilment and even travel Rotary is the organisation of choice. And because there are 1.2 million of us around the world, we take on major challenges and bring about real change.

Making a difference throughout the world since 1905 our success lies in our ability to adapt, not only to the ever-changing needs of our society, but also to the needs of Rotarians and the many friends and organisations who work with us. This is why today, in times of immense pressure on our time and work commitments etc, we are making it easier for you to experience Rotary and to enjoy the many benefits our organisation has to offer.

The links opposite will help you learn about Rotary, who we are, what we do and how to experience Rotary for yourself.

You might like to consider being part of an existing Rotary Club where you live. We can assist you with that and put you in touch. 
If however that would be inconvenient, you may like to be part of our growing satellite clubs, which offer more flexibility.

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