John Bentley - Local Poet

Poetry readings from local poet

Poetry readings from local poet

Members of Melksham Rotary were in for a treat when local poet John Bentley joined us for our meeting on 26 Jan 2016.  John spoke about his life incorporating some specially selected poems - some funny, some made you think, but all of them delightful.

John kindly donated his poem 10,000 miles for you to enjoy too! (for more information and more poems please see John's website)


10,000 steps   

Cos we’re getting Wiltshire Walking

At ten thousand steps a day

It’s circular and sociable

When we march from A to A

With our waterproofs and ICE cards

And a tried and tested route

We put our best foot forwards

In a sturdy hiking boot

Now money buys a lot of things

But it doesn’t buy you health

So generate some interest

By investing in yourself

Circumnavigating Melksham

Having fun along the way

Cos we’re getting Wiltshire walking

At ten thousand steps a day

By John Bentley