Bois Goetre-Hen A

Bois Goetre-Hen A"™R Cylch Welsh Male Voice Choir has agreed to hold a concert for Rotary District 1200.

Bois Goetre-Hen A’R Cylch

Welsh Male Voice Choir

The choir have agreed to hold a concert for Rotary District 1200 on Saturday April 16th

at the Kings Theatre which is part of the Kings fitness Leisure Centre on the site of the Kings of Wessex Academy, Station Road, Cheddar, BS27 3AH.

Profits from the Concert, Afterglow, Bar, Refreshments and Raffle will be used to prepare, equip and co-ordinate Rotary and other volunteers for civil emergencies within Historic Somerset, West Wilts & West Dorset.

Rotary District 1200 are already working alongside Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset County Councils in training situations as we seek to provide the voluntary support the statutory services will need in the event of future local emergencies.

Our aim is to be fully trained and have identified from within our Rotary contacts, those who have the skills and attributes needed during an emergency. We work closely with our Inner Wheel colleagues and the Somerset Community Volunteers and will have a Detailed DATA base of individuals who can support at any given time as well as other contacts with expertise.