Friendships and Fellowships are Fun

Get more out of Rotary with Friendships through Fellowship

Get more out of Rotary with Friendships through Fellowship

I have to say that the cricketing Fellowship (IFCR) has just done me proud. I have just returned from an extended holiday in Australia where I stayed with my son and daughter in Perth WA and Melbourne but I also stayed with 14 different Rotarians I had met over the years from Rotary cricket. We reminisced, enjoyed their company and hospitality, and went to see what they get up to in their Rotary and community. I now have so many new ideas we can use here in District 1010. No doubt I will reciprocate when they travel to the UK and that I look forward to. Mary and I slept in 18 different beds….together!


This is just one of the great benefits enjoyed by those who explore the Fellowships. Why don’t you have a look for those that interest you?  To see a list of those that exist click here and if you need more information please ask me. If you wish to start one that isn’t there please speak to me.


I intend using the word Friendship rather than Fellowship in this District as that is what it says on the tin. Fellowships is such an old fashioned word which my 30+ year old children don’t understand. They think it has something to do with “secret societies”. Let’s move on and let’s all try to use the new word. At least we know what we mean.


There are a number of sporting and hobby events taking place within the Clubs that many of us are unaware of that we need to promote not only on your Area but throughout the District. Get your event on to the District Calendar and it will be prominent on the website under tabs “Events”: “Future Events”. You may well attract members from other clubs who might like to come along and have some fun with you and learn what their club could be doing. Ask your local web mentor to help, either in your club or in your Area. Any difficulties contact me.

GOLF - A couple of events to draw to your attention for all you golfers out there:-



Please look at the Fellowship pages (which I will get changed to Friendship Pages soon) on the website. Just click here Friendships.


Minister of Fun and Friendship

Keith Hopkins