Some ideas for using ROTARYfirst

Our annual District magazine, ROTARYfirst has been delivered to clubs.  The magazine is designed to appeal to non-Rotarian readers  - as well as being of interest to Rotarians of course.   Clubs are encouraged to use the magazine to promote Rotary in their respective communities consider all the likely places where copies can be put so as to be seen by the public.  

Hopefully clubs have ordered enough copies to exploit this opportunity over the next twelve months. Articles have been included this time on membership and links have been provided directing readers to District personnel should they wish to know more or volunteer, but clubs can also use the magazine to good effect by applying a label to the outside showing their own contact details.  

ROTARYfirst: it has always been our view that the Magazine should have an outward facing element. That being the case we have encouraged Clubs to place them in, for example,:

Health centre waiting rooms, 

bus and railway stations




RotaKids clubs, 

Interact clubs,

Rotaract Clubs,  and 

at events such as village fairs. 

at Rotary oganised events eg Primary School Quiz and RYLA. 

Inner Wheel and Probus

New to this list will be to use it as a tool for recruitment.

Consult local councillors and others of influence in the local community on how to link with the community.