RI Vice Presidnet and Director - Jennifer Jones

The eClub of East Anglia Rotarians are honored to welcome their special guest, RI Director Jennifer Jones to share her journey to the top of Rotary International.

Vice President 2016-17

Rotary International Director 2015-17

Jennifer Jones has managed to break through the glass ceiling in Rotary, and is one of only 10 women to reach the level of RI Director.

One of Rotary International's most recognized communicators, Jennifer has presented keynote addresses and training workshops at more than 100 conferences across North America and most recently in St Petersburg - Russia, Panama City, Bangkok, Lisbon, Finland, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and Germany. 

Jennifer joined Rotary in 1997 when she was only 27. She owned a television production company and the general manager of a cable company invited her to attend a Rotary meeting. “I had covered Rotary as a young reporter when it was still an ‘old men’s club.’ So I wasn’t really sure what to expect.” But she went and “when I arrived I felt like I had arrived home!” She joined RC Windsor-­Roseland in Canada

In 2001 she became the club president, and loved it.Her club then had 65 members and around 60 per cent were female.

In 2007-08 she became Governor.

As champions of The Rotary Foundation, both her and her husband [also a Rotarian] are members of the Arch C. Klumph Society, the Paul Harris Society and are charter members of the Bequest Society.