Rotarians have fun and enjoy a bit of sport!

District Skittles Competition 2017/18 Final Result

The final of the competition was held near Launceston last week and after a very close match

Bideford Bridge came though in the last leg to pip Tavistock by 7 pins with Wadebridge a further

7 pins behind in third. All had an enjoyable evening with the D.G. in attendance.


In my last email I was asked to ask you if your Club was interested in a District GOLF competition.

So far I have only 12 replies to Michael Champions enquiry. Can I have some more response please.


There has also been a suggestion that the CRICKET competition is started again!! Any one interested?


Likewise I am in the process of preparing  the draw for 2018/9 competition and so the new schedule

gets to the right person can you please confirm their email address as requested last month. Some 

Clubs have replied for which I thank you but a great number I still would like to hear from. If not I shall

continue to use the address I hold on file.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Mike Huxtable

District Sports Officer.