Terms of Reference (small print) for our Rotary Trust to help victims of the #ManchesterBomb

Rotary District 1285 Manchester Arena Families Trust

Registered Charity Number 1174044

1  The purpose of the Trust is the practical relief of the victims and/or families of those affected by the bombing and its immediate aftermath.  Affected in this context means deceased, physically injured, or suffering trauma, and could therefore include people such as members of the emergency services.  Latitude in determining ‘family’ should also take into account modern relationships.

2  a It is envisaged that Rotary Clubs local to individuals defined in (1) will seek to establish needs, and apply to the Trust for funds to cover these.  Considerable flexibility must be allowed here, but can include things such as transport costs for hospital visits, prosthetic aids, tutors for young people in long-term hospital confinement, etc.

b. It is hoped, but not conditional, that the local Rotary Club would be involved in the provision of assistance if practicable.

c. Where there is not an appropriate Rotary Club, applications from individuals will be considered.

3  The Trustees will determine the amount to be awarded to each application, having due regard to total monies available and their perception of the merit of the request.  However, unless total monies available are very limited, the general assumption would be towards payment in full, the local club having performed due diligence in preparing its application.

4  It is intended that the funds will be dispersed quickly.  In this context it is envisaged that in the first instance a time limit of one year from the date of establishment of the Trust will be used.  Applications still under consideration at that will be continued.  However, the Trustees at that time may recommend to the District that it be extended, if circumstances so suggest.

5  At such time as the Trust is ended, any monies will be transferred to a fund of a similar nature, as decided by the Trustees, and the Trust terminated.

6  No monies should be awarded to items such as memorials, plaques, etc.

7  Speed is essential, and it is hoped that monies can be released almost immediately.

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