Environmental Sustainability Group (ESG)


AIMS and OBJECTIVES for 2017/2018

1 To continue to harness the energy of the Rotary movement and promote Sustainability.
2 To continue to encourage Rotarians in every club in Great Britain and Ireland to consider how they can contribute to and promote responsibility and co-operation to Environmental sustainability recognising its immense importance to the future of our world.
3 To promote and encourage Districts and clubs to participate in Environment Initiatives and Projects with their communities.

1 To continue to promote and raise awareness of Environmental Sustainability.
2 To continue to enlist support and establish links with young people and to promote intergenerational justice.
3 To strengthen and continue links with Environmental Organisations.
4 To continue to seek involvement, support and approval of our work from RIBI.
5 To continue to improve communications and service to districts and clubs through the DEOs Assemblies, Conferences and the website.
6 To continue our existing partnerships and form new ones with other organisations, We have partnerships with the Woodland Trust, WWF, NAEE, Savers, and more recently with the Green Organisation, and Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG)

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The ESG were asked to look at the issue of Clubs releasing Helium Balloons and Chinese Lanterns.  Guidelines will be produced.  The District 1010 view is that they should be banned because Helium is a finite resource and needed in MRI Scanners and the like.  Also balloon fabric has been found in sea life.  The lanterns are a fire risk and they comprise paper and metal and the metal is absorbed into the undergrowth where it can maim small animals.


One member of the ESG has done a power of work on identifying the Carbon Footprints of various Clubs.  Details about this can be provided by Malcolm Rooney: District Environment Officer.
In general, District 1010 needs to give thought to its carbon footprint and there are some challenging and controversial questions for example:
Why do Clubs have to be visited every year by the DG? Can we not instigate a 3 year rotation?


A Harrogate Rotary Club is tackling air quality outside schools and is successfully urging authorities to ban idling cars and buses from sitting outside schools. 
This could be picked up in District 1010 with a focus on Public Transport in Town Centres.


• Promotion of the Starter Guidance to clubs
• Continued promotion of the Purple for Polio campaign
• Carbon Footprint Initiative
• Endangered species Programme
• National Tree planting and RIBI Award
• Our annual Rodney Huggins Award
• Promotion of Young Environmentalist District Awards
• Promotion of New projects Air Quality and Eco Greenhouses
• Production of Environmental Newsletter and Leaflets
• Liaison with ESRAG.
• Exploration of introducing Environmental Activities into The Big Bang
• Adoption of NAEE as our Environmental Education Charity - 2017/18


Malcolm Rooney has been asked to lead on developing this area.  A PP presentation on this subject has been produced  Click here to view document .  The presentation will be developed over the next few months and an updated link made available.


In the context of Intergenerational Justice, consideration is being given to establishing a District Environment Competition.

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