Vocational Service

Advice for Clubs

Vocational service offers each and every Rotarian the chance to share his or her personal and professional skills with groups or individuals that we as an organisation seek to assist.

A way to do this is for clubs to look within and ask members to register their professional and personal skills on a club database that will enable the various service committees to draw on appropriate individuals when their talents are needed. Such a database should also consider interests and hobbies as these can be as valuable as professional skills when a need arises. Once clubs have these databases then it can spread to districts to widen the availability of specialist skills and ultimately to the RIBI network.

Vocational service is not just what we do for Rotary activities it is the Rotarian in us that affects how we act in our vocation. Our ethical stance as an organisation is an area that, currently, we are not as well known for and there is an opportunity to alter that. Business and personal ethics are a hot topic and although many people are talking about it there seems to be no discussion about what it means. As adherents to the Four Way Test and the Declaration of Rotarians in Business, Rotary is ideally placed to take the initiative and start a process of discussions that has a wide range of implications for business, individuals and education establishments.

Rotarians are in a unique position, with a non-political or religious stance, Rotary has an impartial voice and an unbiased platform and, as representatives of the local business community, Rotarians are ideally placed to know what is going on in communities. 

So how can these ideas be progressed? Here are a few suggestions: 

Draw up the skills database of your club members and then share it with others in your district?  
Have a discussion in your club based around the questions and answers from the survey  
Look at ways in which you can promote Rotary’s ethical stance in your community 
Hold discussions in schools on the Four Way Test and ask ‘can it always be adhered to?’  
Produce posters of the Four Way Test for display in schools   

Invite local businesses to your club meeting to take part in a discussion on the Rotarians in Business declaration.

Some useful documents are listed below: · 

An Introduction to Vocational Service 
RIBI Guide for Club Vocational Service Committee Chairman · 
5 Avenues of Service – Tri-fold Leaflet · 
Commission for Social Mobility and Child Poverty · 
Partnerships · 
The Moral Maze 

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