The Rise and Fall of the Provincial Jewish Communities in Britain – with a focus on the North-East

Our Speaker is David Newman OBE is professor of Geopolitics at Ben-Gurion University in Israel where he has lived since 1982. He studied for his Ph.D at the University of Durham between 1979-1982.

The Jewish community in Britain today numbers approximately 250-300,000 people. At its peak in the post WWII period, it reached some 410-420,000. The major influx of Jews to the United Kingdom occurred in the late nineteenth century, following mass migration from Eastern Europe in the face of persecution and pogroms. While the majority of refugees arrived in North America, large groups came to Britain, creating new, and strengthening existing small communities. David will discuss the growth and decline of provincial Jewry, the reason why certain communities grew and others did not, and the degree to which they became an integral part of their local communities before eventually declining and moving on elsewhere. Tickets Online :

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