Apr 2018 Shelter Box on Display on Christs' Pieces, Cambridge

Organiser - Michael Frape & The ShelterBox Team. Volunteers from the Cambridge South Rotary Club will be on hand too.

Have you every wondered what goes in to a life saving ShelterBox ?

Come and see for yourself.  

We will be showing off the inventive contents all morning and afternoon in the centre of Cambridge City.

This Rotary Worldwide Project is based in the UK.

wikipedia ShelterBox

From their warehouses boxes are shipped around the world where ever a humanitarian disaster needs them.

Rotary Clubs pay in to the fund so that Boxes are ready and waiting to go.

Cambridge South always budget for at least 2 or 3 a year.

more on the ShelterBox website

Also see - 'Putting up a ShelterBox ' on You Tube.