£1,400 from Clackmannanshire to the End Polio Now Campaign

Rotary has taken the lead since 1985 in the drive to rid the world of polio.

Pictured clockwise from top left Rotarians Bill Aikman, Alistair Spowage, John Scott and John MacPherson

Rotary has taken the lead since 1985 in the drive to rid the world of polio – a massive task, starting with 350,000 cases back then to the situation where there have been just 20 new cases worldwide so far this year – and the Rotary Club of Alloa has been doing its bit.

To mark World Polio Day on 24th October, the final proceeds from the Cothrom ’18 Project were handed over to Rotary Club Treasurer Bill Aikman. Said Bill “Although Rotary are close to ending Polio in the world, there is still a huge effort needed before success can be claimed, with all children in the affected countries requiring at least four doses of the vaccine until the country has been polio free for two years. The need for action is urgent, as is the cash to finance it”.

Club President, Alistair Spowage, who came up with the Cothrom idea said: “This is a non-competitive programme of activity in which sponsored participants progress at their own pace to explore their own capabilities and the balance of what they are doing in their own lives, whilst having fun and enjoying themselves at the same time. Often it is just the incentive needed to try something new, or even finish off something already started.  By the way, it’s pronounced ‘corrom’, meaning opportunity or balance in Gaelic.”
In handing over the final Cothrom cheque, Alistair said “I want to thank all of the Clackmannanshire folks, including many non-Rotarians, who participated in or sponsored Cothrom this year. As a result, the Club is able to send £1,400 to the End Polio Now Campaign, which is enough to provide thirty-six thousand oral vaccine doses for children worldwide.

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