Christmas Collections 07/12-22/12

Our annual Christmas Collections around Lower Morden

Friday, 7th December:

Rendezvous corner of Kingsbridge Road and Aragon Road, proceed along the full length of Kingsbridge Road, turn left at Dudley Drive and left into Seymour Avenue for the whole length. Turn right into Kingsbridge Road and right into Aragon Road for the whole length. Turn right into Dudley Drive...(If time allows, proceed down the Epsom Road to Lower Morden Lane. Down Lower Morden Lane, turn left into Cardinal Avenue whole length and finish)

Monday, 10th December:

Rendezvous at Railway Bridge at Hillcross Avenue/Links Avenue, thence along Hillcross Avenue to Maycross Avenue. Turn right into Maycross Avenue for the whole length, turn left at Mossville Gardens, turn left at Leamington Avenue, thence into Arundel Avenue, turn right at Woodland Way, turn right at Ashridge Way, thence along the whole length to Martin Way. Turn left at Martin Way, turn left at Westcroft Gardens, turn right at Leamington Avenue. Turn left into Monkleigh Road, turn left into Hillcross Avenue back to point of commencement.

Wednesday, 12th December:

Rendezvous in Hillcross Avenue junction with Monkleigh Road. Turn Left into Sheldon Drive, turn Left into Churston Drive, turn right into Templecombe Way, turn left into Thurleston Avenue, turn right into Churston Drive, turn left into Cambourne Road, turn right into Glenthorpe Road, turn Left into Cannon Hill Road, turn Left into Queen Mary Avenue and finish.

Friday, 14th December:

Rendezvous at Cannon Hill Lane/junction Monkleigh Road (near surgery) proceed along Monkleigh Road, turn right at Leamington Avenue, turn right at Cherrywood Lane and thence into Northway, left into Cannon Hill Lane proceeding then to Elm Walk, thence along Elm Walk for it's whole length, turn right into Grand Drive, then right into Heath Drive, returning along Parkway to Cannon Hill Lane...(If time permits, proceed across Cannon Hill Lane into Eastway, The Green and Cherrywood Lane)

Monday, 17th December:

Rendezvous at Seaforth Avenue, turn left along Adela Avenue, turn right into West Barnes Lane, turn right into Phillis Avenue, turn left into Seaforth Avenue, turn left along West Barnes Lane, finish at roundabout.

Static Collections on Lower Morden Lane:
Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th - 16.00-18.00 & 18.00-20.00
Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd - 16.00-18.00 & 18.00-20.00

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