Any member can easily produce a form showing a list of members (with or without partners, honorary members etc) for printing, so you can circulate it at a meeting, for example, to see who's attending or who's volunteering to do what.

Select 'create members ticklist for an event' from the 'Members Area' drop-down menu.

The following page opens; You can specify the content and layout of the form. There is a button for printing a simple form, with a tickbox before the member' name. This should produce a one-page form with members/partners in 3 columns.

When you have specified your options, click the 'create printable form'. If using the 'one page' form, you cannot specify extra columns.

The form is previewed. You can modify things and re-submit the form if you don't get thigs right first time.

When happy with the content, click the 'print' button. Depending on which browser you're using (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome etc) you may get a 'print preview' screen or it may go straight to your printer.

Only the relevant parts of the page will be printed.