Completed meetings and events 2019-2020

Wed 18th March 2020 Wednesday 18th March 2020.


Unfortunately, this talk has been postponed to a later date. IT IS NOT CONNECTED WITH THE COVID-19 VIRUS

Wed 12th February 2020 Business meeting

AG Dick Johnson will join us for lunch and give an update on District matters..

Wed 27th November 2019 Council at the Netherwood Hotel

Wed 23rd October 2019 Lunch followed by a talk by Paul Bond - Castlehead, Field Studies Centre, Cumbria

Wed 25th September 2019 Council at the Netherwood Hotel

Wed 11th September 2019 Lunch, report and job talk; members only

Lunch will be followed by a report on the August Council meeting and then Fiona Hanlon's job talk.

Mon 19th August 2019 District Governor Miles Leadbeater visit ;Joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Ulverston

The District Governor, Miles Leadbeater, will be joining us for this meeting at Ulverston Golf Club, Bardsea Park, Ulverston, LA12 9QJ

Wed 14th August 2019 Lunch

Wed 24th July 2019 Lunch followed by talk by Duncan Evans - Windermere 10

Wed 10th July 2019 Lunch followed by speaker

Chrissey Ogilvey gave a follow-up talk to her previous one earlier in the year on the Meyers-Briggs methodology for assessing personality types.