Completed meetings and events 2015-2016

Wed 29th June 2016 Eric Dair; Speaker, Jan Leatham/ Subject, 'The River Dee Radio'; Door Duty, Edwina Keown & John McDonald; (Followed by a Council Meeting)

Wed 22nd June 2016 Club Assembly; Door Duty David Holmes & John Kaighin

Wed 15th June 2016 Alistair Thomson; A Fun Evening ;' Door Duty Eddie Gillanders & Jim Gordon

Sun 12th June 2016 Bill Burr Memorial Cycle Ride 2016

2016 Bill Burr Cycle Ride A gentle cycle ride of approximately 14 miles around quiet lanes near Banchory. Raising funds for UCAN.

Wed 8th June 2016 John McDonald; Young Speechmaker (partners evening); Door Duty Dave Edmonds & Chris Engel

Wed 1st June 2016 Business Meeting; Door Duty Ken Murray & Chris Fry

Sun 29th May 2016 2016 Crathes Vintage Car and Motorcycle Rally

A day of motoring nostalgia for petrol-heads and families. A day of motoring nostalgia on the banks of the River Dee at Crathes. read more...

Wed 25th May 2016 Ralph Singleton; Speaker Andy Bond/Subject 'Camino'; Door Duty Jim Dempsie & Raymond Donald (Followed by a Council Meeting)

Wed 18th May 2016 John Ramsay; Speaker Denis Scott/Subject Aberdeen Fire Service 1938-1948; Door Duty Jim Cordiner & Eric Dair

Wed 11th May 2016 Watt "“ Bob; Speaker, Roy Ferguson/Subject, The Whisky Industry ; Door Duty Ryan Bond & Geoff Wilkinson

Wed 4th May 2016 Speaker, Lily Walker; Subject Euroscola; Door Duty Bob McDowel & Bill Bell

Wed 27th April 2016 Wilkinson - Geoff; Speaker Fay Wilkinson/Subject, 'My trip to the Antarctic'., Door Duty Bill Aitkin & Stewart Park(Followed Short by Council Meeting)

Wed 20th April 2016 Keown - Edwina; Speaker/Subject TBA; Door Duty Ken Murray and Neil Booth

Wed 13th April 2016 Business Meeting & AGM; Door Duty Harry McNab & Bob Watt

Wed 6th April 2016 Bill Bell; Speaker, Isla Elliott/Subject, 'Banchory Community Hub' Door Duty Reg Wilkin & Alistair Thompson

Wed 30th March 2016 Reg Wilkin, Speaker Dave Thompson/Subject, 'Aberdeenshire Salutes'; Door Duty Stewart Wilson and Geoff Wilkinson (Followed by Full Council Meeting)

Wed 23rd March 2016 Ranald Rennie, Subject 'About Me and About India'; Door Duty Ralph Singleton & Colin Sutherland

Wed 16th March 2016 Speaker Harry Burnett/Subject, 'Ryankana School Project'; Door Duty Brian Smith & Ian Taggart

Wed 9th March 2016 John Brind, 'Some Facts & Funnies'; Door Duty George Sinclair & Peter Rattenbury

Wed 2nd March 2016 Sandy MacDonald, Speaker Colin Johnstone/Subject ,'War Memorials of the North-East of Scotland'; Door Duty George Roger & Jim Sellens

Wed 24th February 2016 Bob McDowel, 'A Quiz Night' ; Door Duty Ed Read & Ranald Rennie; (Followed by Short Council Meeting)

Wed 17th February 2016 Stewart Park, 'Job Talk'; Door Duty Ian Taggart & Chris Fry

Wed 10th February 2016 Bill Aitkin, Speaker Peter Young/Subject 'The European Union' ; Door Duty David Rudge & Ian Patterson

Wed 3rd February 2016 Business Meeting; Door Duty Len McIntosh & Sandy MacDonald

Wed 27th January 2016 Neil Booth; Speaker Alan Lawson/Subject ''Does Society Get the Environment it Deserves ?'' ; ( Followed by full Council Meeting); Door Duty John McGee and Andrew Mcilrath

Wed 20th January 2016 Burns Supper

Wed 13th January 2016 Ken Murray; Speaker David Beattie/Subject 'Aberdeen Sports Village'; Door Duty David Holmes and John McDonald

Wed 6th January 2016 - Ken Lennox, Speaker Willy Russell/Subject 'Coaching young athletes' ; Door Duty Edwina Keown and John Kaighin

Wed 30th December 2015 No 'Meeting' this week

Wed 23rd December 2015 No 'Meeting' this week

Wed 16th December 2015 Christmas Party

Wed 9th December 2015 Jim Sellens- The Shetland Classic Motor Show and Tours 2014; Door Duty Jim Gordon and Jim Hammond

Wed 2nd December 2015 Business Meeting & Special General Meeting, Door Duty Chris Engel and Ryan Bond

Wed 25th November 2015 Raymond Donald: Speaker/Subject TBA, Door Duty Eric Dair & Dave Edmunds, (Followed by full Council meeting)

Wed 18th November 2015 Frugal Meal Evening: Scottish Fire & Rescue Service/Subject CPR; Door Duty Raymond Donald & Ken Murray

Wed 11th November 2015 George Sinclair: Speaker Gemma Powell/Subject 'Clan Cancer Support'; Door Duty Chris Fry & Jim Dempsie

Wed 4th November 2015 Business Meeting; Door Duty Geoff Wilkinson & Jim Cordiner

Wed 28th October 2015 Jim Dempsie, Speaker/Subject TBA; Door Duty Bill Bell & Ryan Bond (Short Council Meetings)

Wed 21st October 2015 Ken Lennox Subject 'Rats !' ; Door Duty Bill Aitkin & Bob McDowel

Wed 14th October 2015 Chris Engel, Subject 'Facebook' an introduction; Door Duty Ian Burrows & Bill Aitken

Wed 7th October 2015 Business Meeting; Door Duty Bob Watt & Neil Booth

Wed 30th September 2015 Chris Fry, Speaker Paul Henke /Subject "Corruption in the EU" Door Duty Alistair Thompson & Harry McNabb; (Followed by Council Meeting)

Wed 23rd September 2015 David Holmes, Speaker/Subject Nepal - Water for Health; Door Duty Harry Podesta & Sandy MacDonald

Wed 16th September 2015 Colin Sutherland, Speaker George Alpine/Subject "By Appointment" ; Door Duty Stewart Wilson & Reg Wilkin

Wed 9th September 2015 Len McIntosh, Speaker David McDonald/Subject, 'Dander Down the Dee' ; Door Duty David Rudge & Jim Thompson

Sat 5th September 2015 2015 Braemar Gathering

Meet and Greet We again attended the Gathering and welcomed Rotarians from around the world.

Wed 2nd September 2015 Visit of DG Mike Halley & Two RYLA Candidates Experiences; Door Duty, Geoff Wilkinson and Colin Sutherland

Wed 26th August 2015 Ed Read, Speaker Dave MacFarlane/Subject 'Gate Proforma', Door Duty George Sinclair & Ralph Singleton; (Short Council Meetings)

Wed 19th August 2015 Ian Patterson, Speaker: Matt Duncan - Tales of the remote Outback; Door Duty George Rodger & Jim Sellens

Matt is like a combination of Ray Mears, Crocodile Dundee and Indiana Jones. He's one of the few remaining full-time prospectors in Western Australia and will give a talk on life in the deep red Outback.

Wed 12th August 2015 Andrew McIlraith, Speaker Mike Sibson/Subject 'Round Table' ; Door Duty Ed Read & Ranald Rennie

Wed 5th August 2015 Business Meeting, Door Duty: Brian Smith & Ian Taggart

Wed 29th July 2015 - Wed 6th July 1932 6.30pm Jim Thompson; Speaker/Subject TBA; Door Duty John Ramsay and Sigrid Medley-Tellefsen; (Followed by Council Meeting)

Wed 22nd July 2015 - Wed 6th July 1932 6:30pm Dave Edmonds, Speaker Roy Wilson/Subject 'Gliding above Aboyne' ; Door Duty Peter Rattenbury & Ian Paterson

Wed 15th July 2015 - Wed 6th July 1932 6:30pm Richard Bridger, Subject 'A Motoring Quiz'; Door Duty Sandy MacDonald & Stuart McMain

Wed 8th July 2015 - Wed 6th July 1932 6:30pm John Kaighin, Speaker/Subject TBA; Door Duty Andrew McIlraith & Len McIntosh

Wed 1st July 2015 - Fri 1st July 1932 6:30pm Business Meeting & Presidents Handover; Door Duty John McDonald & John McGee

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