Completed meetings and events 2019-2020

Mon 30th March 2020 Evening Meeting

Steve Molloy is Senior Security Officer for the Glastonbury Festival. Come and hear the inside story!

Mon 23rd March 2020 Lunchtime meeting

A business meeting

Mon 16th March 2020 Lunchtime meeting

Trudie Stephenson of Cinnamon Trust will be joining us to talk about fostering unwanted pets

Mon 10th February 2020 Bi-monthly Evening Meeting

No details yet....

Mon 9th December 2019 Lunchtime meeting


Mon 2nd December 2019 Lunchtime Meeting

Special General meeting

Mon 25th November 2019 Lunchtime Meeting

Business meeting

Mon 18th November 2019 Lunchtime meeting


Mon 4th November 2019 Lunchtime meeting

Julia Matthews will be sharing something of her life and work

Mon 28th October 2019 Lunchtime

A business meeting...lots to discuss...please come!

Mon 14th October 2019 Evening Meeting

No plans yet....check again soon!

Mon 23rd September 2019 Lunchtime meeting

Business meeting; please attend

Mon 9th September 2019 Lunchtime meeting

Rtn Phil Godfrey will educate and inform on the subject of Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Mon 26th August 2019 Lunchtime meeting

No plans yet....

Mon 12th August 2019 Evening Meeting

Join us as we welcome on board our first 'Corporate' members .

Mon 5th August 2019 Lunchtime meeting

Rtn Tony Quinn from Chelwood Bridge 'About Rotary'.
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