Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Mon 12th October 2020 Lunchtime Zoom

Rebecca Pearce - Medical Dogs
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Mon 5th October 2020 Lunchtime Zoom

Grace Jones from Exmouth. 'Make your Brain Work for You'

Mon 28th September 2020 Lunchtime Zoom

Business Meeting

Mon 21st September 2020 Lunchtime Zoom

Grace Jones will speak to us on 'The Secret Life of Habits'
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Mon 7th September 2020 Lunchtime Meeting

Elaine Mussang of Rotaract

Mon 24th August 2020 Lunchtime Zoom Meeting

Business Meeting

Mon 17th August 2020 Lunchtime Zoom Meeting

Borough Lands
Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC)is a grant making charity which aims is to help the people of Chippenham, by supporting local individuals and organisations in welfare, education, arts, and community projects.

Mon 10th August 2020 Lunchtime Zoom

Dr Batten - her trip to Africa; elephants and tree conservation
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Mon 3rd August 2020 Lunchtime Zoom meeting

Jeremy Carter shares about slave labour in this country
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