Completed meetings and events 2017-2018

Mon 25th June 2018 Fellowship

Mon 18th June 2018 Social Meeting

Mon 11th June 2018 Fellowship

Mon 4th June 2018 Business Meeting

Mon 4th June 2018 Council

Mon 28th May 2018 Fellowship

Mon 21st May 2018 Social Meeting

Mon 14th May 2018 Fellowship

Mon 7th May 2018 Business Meeting

Mon 7th May 2018 Council

Mon 23rd April 2018 Fellowship

Mon 16th April 2018 Social Meeting

Mon 9th April 2018 Fellowship

Mon 2nd April 2018 Business Meeting

Mon 2nd April 2018 Council

Mon 26th March 2018 Fellowship

Mon 19th March 2018 Social Meeting

Mon 12th March 2018 Fellowship

Mon 5th March 2018 Business Meeting

Mon 5th March 2018 Council

Mon 26th February 2018 Fellowship

Mon 19th February 2018 Social Meeting

Mon 12th February 2018 Fellowship

Mon 5th February 2018 Business Meeting

Mon 5th February 2018 Council

Mon 29th January 2018 Speaker - Porlock Oysters

How the business was set up. Partners invited

Mon 22nd January 2018 Speaker - Amy Winzer - RYLA

Mon 15th January 2018 Social Meeting at Top Ship, Porlock

Mon 8th January 2018 Business

Mon 1st January 2018 No meeting

Mon 25th December 2017 Fellowship

Mon 18th December 2017 Social Meeting

Mon 11th December 2017 Fellowship

Mon 4th December 2017 Business Meeting

Mon 4th December 2017 Council

Mon 27th November 2017 Fellowship

Mon 20th November 2017 Social Meeting

Mon 13th November 2017 Fellowship

Mon 6th November 2017 Business Meeting

Mon 6th November 2017 Council

Mon 23rd October 2017 Fellowship

Sat 21st October 2017 District Conference


Mon 16th October 2017 Social Meeting

Mon 9th October 2017 Fellowship

Mon 2nd October 2017 Business Meeting

Mon 2nd October 2017 Council

Mon 25th September 2017 Fellowship

Mon 18th September 2017 Social Meeting

Mon 11th September 2017 Fellowship

Sat 9th September 2017 District Forum

Bath & West Showground

Mon 4th September 2017 Business Meeting

Mon 4th September 2017 Council

Mon 28th August 2017 Bank Holiday

No Meeting

Mon 21st August 2017 Social Meeting

Mon 14th August 2017 Fellowship

Mon 7th August 2017 Business Meeting

Mon 7th August 2017 Council

Mon 31st July 2017 Social Meeting

Carl Horrocks on Air Traffic Control

Sat 29th July 2017 Party in the Park 2017


Mon 24th July 2017 Fellowship

Ship Aground

Sun 9th July 2017 Beacon to Beach


Mon 3rd July 2017 Handover

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