Completed meetings and events 2019-2020

Mon 16th March 2020 Speaker: Chris Burleigh - Poetry

Poetry- Serious and humerous

Mon 9th March 2020 Speaker: Tamsin Lillie - Medic to Medic
Russian Tanks moving into Georgia 2008

Mon 2nd March 2020 - Tue 3rd March 2020 Speaker: Clive Trott

Don't poke the bear. The 2008 War in Georgia, the Russian Invasion - 'Five Days in August'. Clive was commanding the UN Observer force as a seconded British Army Officer for the duration of the conflict.

Mon 24th February 2020 Speaker: Tom Furber


Mon 17th February 2020 Speaker : Andrew Moore

HALO project

Mon 10th February 2020 Speaker: Janice Sedwick

Hygiene Poverty and Hygiene Bank

Mon 27th January 2020 Speaker: Sue Zirpps

Age UK Surrey

Mon 13th January 2020 Speaker: Jennifer D'Cruz

Speaking about 'Action for Children'

Mon 23rd December 2019 No Meeting

Mon 16th December 2019 Speaker: Dr Neil Stanley

From UniS taking about sleep

Sun 15th December 2019 Mayor's Christmas Carol Concert

Holy Trinity Church

Tue 10th December 2019 Christmas Dinner

at County Club

Mon 9th December 2019 No Meeting

Xmas evening at The County Club meal on the 10th

Wed 20th November 2019 Bridge Day

at Gate Street Barn

Mon 18th November 2019 No Meeting

No Meeting

Mon 11th November 2019 No Meeting

Mon 4th November 2019 Speaker Emma-Louise Dolman

Marie Curie - Terminal Illness

Mon 28th October 2019 Speaker Melanie Dixon White

Optimizing our health, holistically and naturally.

Mon 21st October 2019 Rotary

Mon 14th October 2019 Speaker: Heather of the Humanimal Trust

The Humanimal Trust drives collaboration between vets, doctors and researchers so that all humans and animals benefit from sustainable, medical progress but not at the expense of an animal’s life. This is One Medicine.

Sun 13th October 2019 Young Musician Singing and Instrumental Competition

Joint event at St Hilary's Godalming with Rotary Club of Godalming

Mon 30th September 2019 Speaker Dr Beccy Bowden

Antibiotic research

Mon 9th September 2019 Speaker: Tim Cocking

Talking about Bright Care

Mon 5th August 2019 - Mon 26th August 2019 No meetings

No August meetings

Mon 29th July 2019 No meeting

No meeting

Mon 8th July 2019 Speaker Sonya Freebody,

Sonya Freebody, Chief Executive Officer, Headway Surrey
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