Completed meetings and events 2015-2016

Wed 29th June 2016 International / Foundation Evening


Wed 22nd June 2016 Gareth Cox and Bob Wooding

Gareth and Bob are both Kew Students and will tell us some of their Horticultural stories!

Wed 15th June 2016 David Harrison

David is a University Professor and his talk is about Proverty Reduction so it should be a very intersting evening!

Wed 8th June 2016 Business & Fellowship Evening

We have no speaker booked but 13 members of the Rotary Club of Halifax, with their partners will be visiting us which should make for a great evening!!

Wed 1st June 2016 Club Assembly

No Speaker

Wed 25th May 2016 President's Choice

Richard and Father Nigel Our speaker this evening was Father Nigel Worn. read more...

Mon 23rd May 2016 Joint Council meeting

No Speaker

Wed 18th May 2016 New Committees Evening

No Speaker.

Wed 11th May 2016 Mel Le Vesconte

Mel Le Vesconte will talk to us about the Holiday at Home Scheme.

Wed 4th May 2016 Vocational Service Evening


Wed 27th April 2016 Club AGM and Business meeting

No Speaker

Wed 20th April 2016 Eva Peters

Eva will tell us about the Technology Tournament this evening.

Mon 18th April 2016 Club Council meeting

No Speaker

Wed 13th April 2016 Committees Evening

No Speaker

Wed 6th April 2016 Discussion

We intend to discuss the ideas that came from our Visioning exercise this evening.

Wed 30th March 2016 Charlotte & Elizabeth Raven-Hill.

Charlotte and Elizabeth Raven-Hill will give us a talk about "Dementia Friends", befriending people with Dementia.

Wed 16th March 2016 Our speaker this evening is David Blomfield our local historian.

David Blomfield Join us to hear David speak about the history of Kew.

Fri 11th March 2016 Kew Quiz 2016

Join us for this ever popular event!

Wed 9th March 2016 Cllr. Martin Seymour, Mayor of the London Borough of Richmond.

Cllr. Martin Seymour, Mayor of the London Borough of Richmond. Accompanied by Michelle Davies, Mayor's Support Officer. Job talk with Q & A. Visitors welcome.

Wed 24th February 2016 Steve and Helen are planning ceramic PAINTING activities for this evening!

Bring some ideas with you!

Fri 19th February 2016 Maids of Honour Jazz evening.

Poster Jazz

Wed 17th February 2016 A really exciting guest speaker this evening, Zoe Lafferty.

Zoe Lafferty , a director who secretly travelled to Syria to interview refugees for a stage production has been selected by the Old Vic as one of 12 up-and-coming theatre talents. read more...

Wed 10th February 2016 Viviane Chen is our speaker this evening.


Wed 27th January 2016 Fellowship evening.


Wed 20th January 2016 Maria is an international scholar and is our guest this evening!


Sat 16th January 2016 Old Time Music Hall

Old Time Music Hall Barry Buttenshaw, Rotary Club of Twickenham joins the cast for the Old Time Music Hall. read more...

Wed 13th January 2016 Our speaker, Alex Fry will tell us about "˜Just Shelter"™ this evening.

Wed 30th December 2015 No Meeting

No Speaker

Wed 23rd December 2015 No meeting

Happy Christmas

Wed 16th December 2015 Christmas meal

An evening of fellowship!

Wed 9th December 2015 DG's visit

We welcome Peter O'Keefe this evening.

Fri 4th December 2015 Kew Traders' Sparkle evening

Kew Sparkle We participate at the Kew Traders' Sparkle evening outside Kew Gardens station 5 - 8 p.m. by delivering Santa on his float. This year we also have a roast chestnuts stall outside Tesco. read more...

Wed 2nd December 2015 Youth Evening


Wed 18th November 2015 Former UK Ambassador Sir Vincent Fean.

Sir Vincent Fean Our speaker about Middle East matters this evening is Former UK Ambassador Sir Vincent Fean. read more...

Wed 4th November 2015 Faanoos Restaurant visit

This evening we will visit a Persian Restaurant, Faanoos in the Upper Richmond Road. read more...

Wed 28th October 2015 Vocational Service Evening


Wed 21st October 2015 Business Meeting

John Watkins - Club Visioning.

Wed 14th October 2015 Club Charter Evening

Guests are invited.

Wed 7th October 2015 Youth Evening


Mon 21st September 2015 Dictionary presentations at Queens School.

Queens School. We purchased and presented Usbourne Dictionaries to year 5 pupils at Queens School in Kew.

Wed 16th September 2015 A holistic approach to Wellbeing and Fitness!

Hilde and Kiran of Earthlife. Tips from Hilde and Kiran of Earthlife, Arch 2, Kew Bridge. A personal and holistic approach to Wellbeing and Fitness.

Wed 9th September 2015 We have two Kew Gardens students with us this evening

2 students from Kew Gardens will tell us about their recent trip to Minau Gardens this evening.

Sat 5th September 2015 Kew Horticultural Show

An excellent day!

Wed 26th August 2015 President's Choice

Surprise us!

Wed 19th August 2015 Membership Services Evening


Wed 5th August 2015 Committees Evening

No speaker

Wed 29th July 2015 Preident Helen in organising a picnic on Kew Green!

We might need umbrellas for this one though!

Wed 22nd July 2015 Our speaker is Barry May who's talk is entitled The Rolling Stones, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and me

Barry May Guests who wish to join us for the evening can contact us on

Wed 15th July 2015 All you want to know about houseplants!

Pot plant Bring your old, tired specimens and Richard Ward will show you how to revive, re-propagate or re-pot. Hands-on demo about potting on, soil, watering, feeding, staking etc. This could become a fun evening!

Wed 8th July 2015 Handover & Induction of President and Officers


Wed 1st July 2015 Club Social Evening

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