Completed meetings and events 2016-2017

Wed 28th June 2017 President handover. Location and details to follow.

Wed 21st June 2017 Golspie. Council Meeting 1945.

Raffle K Tewnion Door J Sterrett

Wed 14th June 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Fiona Wylie.

Raffle A Risk Door A Miller

Wed 7th June 2017 Golspie. Business Meeting.

Raffle C Gillott Door R Beaton

Wed 31st May 2017 Falls Of Shin Speaker Ewan Weatherspoon.

Raffle J McMurray Door R Boyce.

Wed 24th May 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Trish Mathews 'Brora Gallery Social Enterprise'.

Raffle R Brown Door G McLaughlin

Wed 17th May 2017 Golspie. Speaker Christine Cochrane 'Cheers without Tears'.

Raffle H Johnstone Door A Grant

Wed 10th May 2017 Dornoch...Club Assembly.

Raffle N Hampton Door G Gillott

Wed 3rd May 2017 Golspie. RYLA Candidates.

Raffle A Grant Door A Hermiston

Wed 26th April 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Todd Warnock. (Council Meeting 1945)

Raffle F Risk Door K Tewnion

Wed 19th April 2017 Golspie. Speaker Ann Pascoe 'Demintia Friendly Communities'.

Raffle P Murray Door N Steeley

Wed 12th April 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Frank Roach 'Track Talk'.

Raffle P Wild Door A Risk

Wed 5th April 2017 Golspie. Business meeting.

Raffle R Beaton Door J McMurray

Wed 29th March 2017 Burghfield Hotel, Dornoch. Poetry, Pies & Pints.

Raffle G Gillott. Door P Wild..

Wed 22nd March 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Alison Searl RSPB.

Raffle G McLaughlin. Door F Wylie.

Wed 15th March 2017 Golspie. Speaker Dr Mary Fortune 'Project Vine'.

Raffle M Johnston. Door J Brett Young.

Wed 8th March 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Carol Stewart 'Foundation'.

Raffle R Pope. Door S Innes..

Wed 1st March 2017 Golspie. Speaker Nicola Morris & Poppy 'Scout Jamboree'.

Raffle I Murray. Door F Herd..

Wed 22nd February 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Judith Jardine 'The Samaritians'.

Raffle A Miller. Door J McMurray.

Wed 15th February 2017 Golspie. Speaker Rebecca Johnston. 'Project Trust - China'

Raffle J Ford. Door C Gillott.

Wed 8th February 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Iain Jamieson 'Community Service'.

Raffle A Hermiston. Door P Orrell.

Wed 1st February 2017 Golspie. Business meeting.

Raffle F Wylie. Door J ford..

Wed 25th January 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Michelle Johnston. (Council mtg 1945).

Raffle Jonathan Brett Young. Door R Brown.

Wed 18th January 2017 Golspie.. Speaker John Chambers. 'Vive La Difference'

Raffle R Boyce. Door H Johnston

Wed 11th January 2017 Dornoch. Speaker Hilary Gardner&Colin Gemmill. 'Reach4Reality'.

Raffle S Innes. Door N Hampton

Wed 4th January 2017 Golspie. Speaker Jeannie Urquhart. 'African Project'.

Raffle F Herd. Door M Johnston

Wed 28th December 2016 No meeting. Christmas holiday.

Wed 21st December 2016 No Meeting - Christmas holiday.

Wed 14th December 2016 TAIN. Morangie Hotel. Christmas Dinner

Full details later.

Sat 10th December 2016 ASDA Tain. Interact Clubs bag packing.

Members required to assist.

Wed 7th December 2016 GOLSPIE. Business meeting.

Raffle N Steeley. Door R Pope

Wed 30th November 2016 Sid's Indian Restauant, Brora. St Andrews Night.

2 course buffet meal. Raffle Included in Price of £12 per person. Door F Risk

Sat 26th November 2016 TESCO TAIN. Interact bag packing.

Members required to assist.

Wed 23rd November 2016 DORNOCH. Speaker Claire Riddell. 'Developing a Young Workforce'. Council meeting 1945.

Raffle N Hampton Door R Brown

Wed 16th November 2016 GOLSPIE. Speaker Nicholas Johnston. 'Carstairs'

Raffle J Sterrett. Door R Beaton

Wed 9th November 2016 DORNOCH. Speaker Gordon Sutherland. 'Tendi Sherpa & climbing Mera Peak'

Raffle P Orrell. Door P Murray.

Wed 2nd November 2016 GOLSPIE. Business meeting.

Raffle R Beaton. Door I Murray

Wed 26th October 2016 DORNOCH. Speaker R Boyce & R Brown. Council meeting 1945.

Raffle R Brown. Door G Gillott

Wed 19th October 2016 GOLSPIE. Speaker Susan Lyons. HUG action on mental health.

Raffle A Risk. Door J Sterrett

Wed 12th October 2016 DORNOCH. Speaker Micheal Hanratty. 'Dornoch Whisky Festival'.

Raffle J McMurray. Door G McLaughlin

Wed 5th October 2016 GOLSPIE Business meeting.

Raffle H Johnston. Door A Grant

Wed 28th September 2016 Dornoch. Speaker DG Roddy Duncan .

Raffle K Tewnion Door N Steeley

Wed 21st September 2016 Golspie. Speaker RYLA students.

Raffle N Harrison Door A Risk

Wed 14th September 2016 Dornoch. Business meeting.

Raffle F Risk Door R Boyce

Wed 7th September 2016 Golspie. Movie time. Council meeting 1730..

Raffle A Grant Door A Miller

Wed 31st August 2016 Dornoch. BBQ at Bannlagan Lodge.

Partners, guests and visitors most welcome.

Wed 24th August 2016 Dornoch. Club Visioning update.

Raffle P Wild Door K Tewnion

Wed 17th August 2016 Dornoch. Speaker Kim Tewnion.

Raffle W Sutherland Door J McMurray

Wed 10th August 2016 Golspie. Business meeting.

Raffle G McLaughlin Door J Ford

Wed 3rd August 2016 Golspie. Speaker TBC. Council meeting 1945..

Raffle G Gillott Door J Brett Young

Wed 27th July 2016 Dornoch. Speaker John McMurray .

Raffle J Ford Door R Brown

Wed 20th July 2016 Golspie. Fellowship evening.

Raffle I Murray Door H Johnston

Wed 13th July 2016 Dornoch. Business meeting..

Raffle R Pope Door N Hampton

Wed 6th July 2016 Golspie. Speaker Graham Gillott. Council meeting 1930.

Raffle A Miller Door P Orrill
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