Completed meetings and events 2021-2022

The group in the bell ringing chamber.
Photo by Tim Keyes

Wed 15th September 2021 Tour of Ledbury Bell Tower

Tower Captain Tim Keyes gave a group of Rotarians and partners a tour of the detached Bell Tower in Ledbury read more...

Wed 1st September 2021 Club Meeting at Royal Oak Much Marcle

Informal dinner meeting with a possible Quiz
BBQ at Morgans Farm

Wed 18th August 2021 BBQ at Stephen Wheeler's

BBQ at Morgan's Farm with partners

Wed 4th August 2021 Club Meeing with Speaker

Meeting at the Royal Oak Much Marcle with a meal and a speaker

Wed 21st July 2021 Club Meeing

A welcome back/restart meeting with a meal at the Royal Oak Much Marcle

Wed 7th July 2021 Business Meeting

Outside at the Royal Oak Much Marcle
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