Completed meetings and events 2019-2020

Wed 12th February 2020 Lunch @ The Angel

Speaker Finder :- Clive Crouch
Duty Host :- Joe Oxspring

Wed 5th February 2020 Council@10:30 then Lunch @ The Angel - Andy Jarrett - District Youth Chair

Speaker Finder :- Ken Corrigan
Duty Host :- Geoff Ranstead

Wed 29th January 2020 Lunch @ The Angel Ken Bouchard -- and then.....

Speaker Finder :- Ken Bouchard
Duty Host :- Lucy Thornton

Wed 22nd January 2020 Lunch @ The Angel Business Meeting

Duty Host :- David Store

Sat 18th January 2020 District Council @The Gables

JA KC KC attending

Wed 15th January 2020 Lunch @ The Angel - Val Wood - Pershore in Bloom

Speaker Finder :- Cairns Boston
Duty Host :- Helen Whitwell

Wed 8th January 2020 Lunch @ The Angel - John Angood - Nepal photos and adventures

Speaker Finder :- John Angood
Duty Host :- Helen Whitwell

Tue 7th January 2020 Council @The Angel

first Tuesday of the month

Wed 1st January 2020 NO MEETING

Speaker Finder :-
Duty Host :-

Wed 25th December 2019 NO MEETING

Speaker Finder :-
Duty Host :-

Wed 18th December 2019 Christmas Party

Speaker Finder :-
Duty Host :-

Wed 11th December 2019 Lunch@Railway Joe Oxspring

Speaker Finder :- Joe Oxspring
Duty Host :- John Angood

Wed 4th December 2019 Lunch @Railway Howard Robinson (The Battle of Worcester)

Speaker Finder :- Bob Marchant,
Duty Host :-Ken Bouchard

Mon 2nd December 2019 District Council - The Gables

Some members usually attend

Wed 27th November 2019 Lunch@RailwayColin Shepherd Pershore Carnival

Speaker finder :- Stephen Malkinson,
Duty Host :- Kit Carson

Wed 20th November 2019 Lunch@Railway Alan Tromans - lifetime talk

Speaker finder :- Richard Lees,Duty Host :- Ken Corrigan

Wed 13th November 2019 Lunch@Whistlers Restaurant DG Judy Powell

Speaker finder :- Clive Hughes,
Duty Host :- Edward Crowther

Wed 6th November 2019 BOARD Lunch@Railway Carole Hecht - RI Convention - Hamburg - (report)

Speaker finder :-Carole Hecht,
Duty Host :- Ron Davis

Wed 30th October 2019 Ladies and Guests night Halloween Theme

Speaker finder :-
Duty Host :-

Tue 29th October 2019 FOUNDATION MEETING @ The Gables

Learn the latest about Rotary Foundation

Wed 23rd October 2019 Lunch@Railway Jim Douglas

Speaker finder :- Jim Douglas
Duty Host :- Peter Gardner

Wed 16th October 2019 Lunch@Railway Adrian Main / Clive Matthews ANT

Speaker finder :- Bob Marchant
Duty Host :- Adrian Fletcher

Wed 9th October 2019 Lunch@Railway AGM Business Meeting

Duty Host :- Malcolm Haden

Tue 8th October 2019 District Council - The Gables

Some members usually attend

Wed 2nd October 2019 BOARD Lunch@Railway Steve Sanders Life on the GWR

Speaker finder :- Kit Carson
Duty Host :- Gordon Harley- Bennett

Wed 25th September 2019 NO MEETING _ non weekend away

Speaker finder :-
Duty Host :-

Thu 19th September 2019 Abbey visit (Business Club)

Club members invited to join Business Club members on an interesting visit to Pershore Abbey.5:15 to 7:00 pm. Please register with Kit in advance.

Wed 18th September 2019 Lunch@Railway Phil Hanson and Karen Bevan Pershore High School

Speaker finder :- Adrian Fletcher, Duty Host :- Carole Hecht

Thu 12th September 2019 Thetre visit Everyman Cheltenham - A woman of no Importance

Our annual theatre visit

Wed 11th September 2019 Lunch@Railway - RYLA

Speaker finder :- Kit Carson,
Duty Host :- Clive Hughes

Wed 4th September 2019 Lunch@Railway Joint meeting Evesham Kit Carson From Sauce to Severn

Duty Host :- Richard Lees,
Speaker Finder:- Kit Carson

Tue 3rd September 2019 Board Meeting @ Schachs Bishampton

Host Clive Crouch

Sat 31st August 2019 "Last Night of the Proms" - The Angel

Organised by Business Club

Wed 28th August 2019 Lunch@Railway Speaker Ryan Hesketh (VSO Nepal)

Duty Host :- Stephen Malkinson,
Speaker Finder:- Peter Gardner

Mon 26th August 2019 Plum Fayre

Rotarians man stalls raising awareness and collecting funds for charities. Also provide gazebos for Pershore Rotary and Interact Club

Wed 21st August 2019 Lunch@Railway Richard Walton

Duty Host :- Bob Marchant,
Speaker Finder:- Carole Hecht

Wed 14th August 2019 Lunch@Railway Speaker Tony Selby

Duty Host :- Joe Oxspring,

Speaker Finder:- Edward Crowther

Wed 7th August 2019 Lunch@Railway John Walton - Himalayan Trust

Duty Host :- Geoff Ranstead,
Speaker Finder:- Clive Crouch

Wed 31st July 2019 Evening@Railway Ladies and Guests Night Christopher Rowe London Marathon

Duty Host :-
Speaker Finder:-

Tue 30th July 2019 Worcester Racing - Retiring Collection

annual event to take retiring collection for President's Charity

Wed 24th July 2019 Lunch@Railway Adrian Main - ANT

Duty Host :- David Store,
Speaker Finder:- Ken Corrigan

Tue 23rd July 2019 - Sun 28th July 2019 RYLA

Dean Fields - Forest of Dean

Wed 17th July 2019 Lunch@Railway Angela Taylor - Pershore Plum Festival

Duty Host :- Lucy Thornton,
Speaker Finder:- Ken Bouchard

Sun 14th July 2019 Garden Party @Cherry Orchard

President Ken Rowe's garden party.
Conducted tours of Wetlands 2:30 and 3:30

Wed 10th July 2019 Lunch@Railway Cairns Boston Horse Matters

Duty Host :- Helen Whitwell,
Speaker Finder:- Cairns Boston

Wed 3rd July 2019 Lunch@Railway John Angood Update on Sri Lankan Toilet Project

Duty Host :- Richard Williams,
Speaker Finder:- John Angood
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