About us

Chelmsford City is a satellite club of the Rotary Club of Chelmsford Phoenix. It has been formed specifically to appeal to people who do not want or are unable to join a more traditional Rotary club.

We meet on a Saturday morning at the Hive Cafe at Oaklands Museum in Chlemsford and you are welcome to bring along children, friends and family. There is no dress code and you do not have to be invited. Just turn up on one of our meeting days (see here for details) and find out how rewarding being a Rotarian can be.

A Few Rotary Myths....

Myth 1 - Rotary is only for men.

Wrong! Rotary started in 1905 as an opportunity for business networking for men but now women are equally prominent in the workplace so Rotary opened its doors to women thirty years ago. Interestingly, if you look at recruitment figures in Rotary over the last 5-10 years there would be roughly a 50-50 split between the genders. This does mean that to even out the percentages overall there is still a long way to go since it started with 100% men but as a matter of fact, the last two national Presidents are women. 

Myth 2 - Rotary is just for old people.

Whilst it is true that the average age in some clubs is much higher than we would like, it is also true that there are many Rotarians in their twenties or thirties and these are bringing fresh ideas and energy. Anyone  over the age of 18 can join and Chelmsford City Satellite Club has a young demographic. 

Myth 3 - You have to be a professional person or a business owner to belong.

This isn’t true either. In fact, Actually, you don’t have to be in employment at all. Rotary welcomes anyone who wishes to give something back to the community. 

Myth 4 - It is expensive.

Cost seems to put people off but again this is something that is being addressed. Membership equates to roughly £2.50 per week, the price of a cup of coffee. Whilst many clubs have weekly meal, we don't - though you can get breakfast or a cup of coffee from the Cafe.  We have adopted a less formal approach which not only brings the overall cost down but lends itself to a dynamic, project focussed club. 

Myth 5 -You need to attend every week.

This isn’t necessary and the rule book has been thrown away. What Rotary is more interested in is members doing whatever they can. So marshalling at a fun run, organising a youth competition, visiting a school all counts. Some clubs meet every week but meet fortnightly. Rotary is a great way to meet people and enjoy yourself. By the way, it isn’t essential to wear a suit and tie to a meeting - just come as you are!

Myth 6 - Rotary is political and/or religious organisation

Definitely not. It is a diverse organisation and has members in around 200 countries in the world. Nor is it a secret society although you may be excused for thinking it is as people don’t seem to know much about it!

Myth 7 - You need to be invited to join Rotary? Well, we're inviting you now! Just come along to one of our meetings, meet the people and see if you enjoy it. Remember too that there are several more traditional Rotary clubs in Chelmsford and another club may suit you better if you prefer to meet at breakfast time, lunchtime or in the evening during the week.

What are the benefits of being a Rotarian?

We could write a whole chapter on this. There are the friendships you make, there is the satisfaction you get from helping a cause locally or further afield, there is the opportunity for self-development by increasing your confidence in public speaking and management which will help in your career, there is the opportunity to lead youth teams abroad. As one Rotarian put it “I joined to make a difference, I stayed because I am making a difference.” 

Rotary addresses many of the inequalities that exist and is all about providing service, its motto is “Service Above Self.” This can take many forms and is not all about fundraising. Some people think that by giving a donation once in a while that is all they need to do to improve social issues but whilst it is all well and good putting money into the bucket someone has to hold the bucket. That’s an analogy and stretches far beyond the literal meaning. Society needs men and women to make things happen and that’s where Rotary steps in, “People of Action.” Are you someone who is willing to take the extra step? 

So why not come along to one of our meetings and find out more about what we do?


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Meetings & Venue

Where and when:

We meet on Saturdays at 10.00am to 11.00am
(Meets on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month)
The Hive Cafe
Oaklands Park