A warm WELCOME to the NEW Rotary satellite - Culinary Ability Chefs Rotary. A Rotary group to engage; enhance & encourage the career path of those in the Hospitality sector.

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What is Rotary?

What is Rotary?

An excellent resource, well set out, to provide a complete insight to all the Rotary avenues and opportunities.

Exordium 'Black Tie' Dinner, Glasgow City Chambers

Exordium 'Black Tie' Dinner, Glasgow City Chambers

A fundraising dinner in the 'Grand Banqueting Hall', to raise funds for the 1st Disabled Participants Team, in the Culinary Olympics

How to Join

How to Join

information on joining with us and making a difference

Culinary Ability Chefs - NRG

Culinary Ability Chefs - NRG

A satellite of Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs Rotary, aimed at those involved with Culinary Abilities & those with disabilities training to follow a career in Hospitality & catering.


About us

'Culinary Ability Chefs Rotary', is based in the West of Scotland, Rotary District 1230. It is essentially open to all those individuals around the world, wanting to 'Make a Difference' and 'Do Good in the Community'.

The internal Rotary theme this year 2019-2020 is 'Rotary Connects The World', which is what we aim to do through this NEW electronic based group.

There is an open forum for you to post questions and also provide solutions, based on your skills and experience, collaboration is the vehicle for further advancement in your career, personal and professional development can also be enhanced by your participation, while giving a 'Service Above Self' in your community.

The aims are simple and charitable, as well as fulfilling some of the identified requirements of the Rotary Foundation '6 Areas of Focus':

1. To promote the uptake of Rotary and its Global reach, to young Chefs - and those in the Hospitality sector, who want to engage in 'culinary skills exchanges and learning', about the cuisine of other nations around the world.

2. To promote the 'Culinary Ability Awards' and their quest to engage chefs around the world, to assist in the training and employment within the Hospitality sector, for those with a spectrum of disabilities, wishing to establish a career in the hospitality industry.

3. To increase the opportunities for 'international liaison between chefs' in the hospitality industry and encourage their development and engage them with the goals of the 'Culinary Ability Awards' - for those with disabilities, wishing to enter a career in that profession.

4. To provide an 'increased platform' for those with disabilities, to 'showcase their skills' and engage with others in the profession, who may provide opportunities for personal development and work placement / employment.

5. To riase an awareness of the needless destruction of food sources and supplies, which could be used to create sustainable meals for those around the globe, suffering from famine; malnutrition; as well as a low economic income, which does not permit a suitable nourishing diet to enhance their existance.

6. To enable the exchange of simple and effective nutritional meals / menus, prepared in a broad range of environments, in a short duration of cooking time. With a balanced range of proteins; starches; carbohidrates; dairy and substitutes.

All of these aims can be adopted at home and abroad, wherever the need is identified. Collaboration with other organisations; wholesale and retail outlets could also be considered, for any charitable projects that provide the opportunity for 'service above self' and a helping hand to those in need in society.



Meetings & Venue

Where and when:

We meet on Mondays at to be confirmed

(Meetings will be once every 2 weeks; the specific time and day will be indicated at each online meeting, after the initial launch.) Online

G14 9BT  07889446930

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