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Members of Halstead Rotary Club support Britain in Bloo

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In October 2012 Halstead was invited by RHS Britain in Bloom to enter the Champion of Champions category in 2013. After long, hard thought (well, at least a couple of minutes) they said 'yes please'! They realised that it would mean extra work, but the rewards for Halstead would be great. There are only 5 entrants invited each year, so for Halstead to have this opportunity was a great honour.

Judges were here in the first week of August, and the Rotary Club of Halstead went out to support them. It was a beautiful day and it was an honour to be involved in this wonderful community event.

The town looked fantastic!

Congratulations to the Halstead in Bloom Team and all of those who took part.

More information about Halstead in Bloom and Britain in Bloom can be found at