A Magical Night 2014

And he didn't even get wet.

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A Magical Night in Langdon Hills

Yet again, the Rotary Club of Basildon laid on something different to raise money for charity.  This time it was the Mid-Essex Magical Society giving a bravura performance of magic to delight the large audience at Langdon Hills Golf & Country Club.

Patrick and Carol Rothon, Roger Kettle, Keith Wood and Gillian, and Peter and Wendy Greene all joined the fun to support Basildon, and enjoy themselves.  Wendy and Peter also took along their Grandson (8) and Granddaughter (6) who didn’t just enjoy the show, but fully participated in it!  And there were other children there too - a show for all the family.

A quick drink for everybody on arrival, and then the evening started with a buffet dinner with far too much for everybody to finish, and then ... the show.

The format was “close-up” magic at each table, then a general show for everybody.  This was followed by more “close-up” magic at the table from a different magician.

After a break, we had a further “close-up” magic from another magician, and then, for a finale for everybody, a repeat of Harry Houdini’s “escape from  chains while hanging in a tank of water”. .... Except it was without the water, without the straitjacket, and no need to hold his breathe.  Seriously though, it was still effective, with the magician locked into handcuffs by members of the audience, and his efforts to escape behind a curtain being monitored by the youngest timekeeper in the audience, who shouted out the time at 5 second intervals. It was done well - with false alarms, great humour and ultimately, success.  And he didn’t even get wet!

And what do you think happened next? .... Yes, “Sawing the lady in half”.
With the assistance of an intrepid “volunteer” from the audience (not that she had much choice), and an electric Jigsaw, she was bisected ... and then put back together again!  What a way to end the evening.

Basildon had done us proud yet again, and raised just under