District 1200 Joint Project

“Making a difference” to 50,000 lives in UGANDA by Refurbishing 100 wells.

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Known progress so far.  Langport and Somerton RC have raised £1,000, Yeo Vale Rotary have given £500 in November. A District Matching Grant of £1,000 has also been given and a cheque totalling £2,500 was sent to The Busoga Trust. Promises of funding for a well has been given by Wells RC.

£500 has already been sent in September by Yeo Vale RC

This project is helping so many people and everyone in the District is asked to join in. We can all help make a difference. Please see the letter I received on the 15th November 2017

A letter from The Busoga Trust Executive Director/Trustee Canon Andrew Pearson

Dear Cate,

    Wonderful news about the £2500 donation. Many thanks for all your great efforts.  We keep pressing on, each month another 8 rehabs.

   With regards to numbers of people helped in each village: On average 500 people benefit per well. Of these at least 270 are children, 100 are their parents and the remaining 130 are ‘Grands’, uncles/aunts and ‘relations’. The 270 children are the major beneficiaries because of (dysentery, diarrhoea, typhoid etc)

1)      Foul water is the biggest cause of mortality in under 5’s

2)      All children proportionally more from diarrhoea, dysentery, and other stomach problems.

3)      Stomach worms (Very common) are major rivals for the food they eat, increasing malnutrition

4)      Yes, children are off school more as a result of sickness

5)      Medical Bills for all the family are much higher, consuming precious cash.

Also, the mothers: -

1)      Spend too much time tending sick children and cleaning up the mess - which means they cannot tend the gardens and grow enough food.

2)      Mothers get exhausted

3)      Mothers have to make the journey to collect clean water, often spending up to 6 hours a day including queuing.

 No clean water means that whole families are trapped in a cycle of disease and poverty from which they have no way of escaping or developing a brighter future. A cycle which leads to despair.


Andrew and Izzy Pearson

PS I have often been told that: -

1.      Young girls are less likely to be sexually abused when B.T Wells bring water close to home.

2.      Fewer men get jealous and angry because they otherwise think their wives are away so long they must be up to something.