Fireworks Night 2017

We man the Hillhouse Drive gate at the 48th. Billericay Fireworks show in Lake Meadows.

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What a Show!

Forty-eight in a row – yes that’s the record run of successes of the spectacular Fireworks display at Lake Meadows Park, Billericay, organised once again by the Billericay Round Table.   A huge firework display using a new supplier which certainly lived up to its reputation and enhanced the pleasure for all the spectators.

President Peter commented “As always, we are pleased to support the event and help out the Round Table again, a small return for their help in running our 2017 Soapbox Derby, and a great way for us to support the community in Billericay.  The money raised goes to Charity and Good Causes, it gives a lot of pleasure to thousands, and … as always we’ll have a lot of fun.

Despite other calls on our help for, as an example, the Little Burstead Fireworks display, we still managed to muster seven people and Patrick Rothon, Malcolm and Tom Acors, Mike Sinclair, Les Sheppard, Ed harrison and Peter Greene all turned up before 4.15pm for the Safety briefing and ready to man the gate at 5.00 pm.  As in previous years, we were on duty at the Hill House Drive Gate, where we were responsible for queue management, ensuring that all arrivals already had their tickets, and that only valid ticket holders gained entry.  This was the first year that there was to be no ticket sales on the gate, and the “advanced tickets only” banner had been emblazoned on all publicity for the event.  As was to be expected, several groups had missed the warning, but we were able to direct them to the Billericay Fireworks website to buy their tickets on-line, which they did with, almost, universal good humour. 

On our Gate, volunteers from the Scouts did all the scanning of the tickets and selling the light sticks etc.

As in previous years, spectators arrived in fits and starts, with peaks just before the children’s display, and in the 20 minutes before the main display.  But the systems worked well, queues were never excessively long, and everybody was processed through in time to enjoy the spectacle.  Everybody was in a good mood and there was no trouble at our gate at all.

And the fireworks??  Spectacular is an understatement - a terrific show with colour, noise, and great variety - well worth the ticket price.

BRT Fireworks 2017 from Northfield Media on Vimeo.

Capacity had been reduced from last year, but there were still so many people it was difficult to move along the paths.

We thank the members of Round Table again for organizing such a successful event which so many enjoyed!