Youth Speaks 2019

The first round of the 2019 Youth Speaks competition took place at Burton Bradstock Hall on Tuesday 15th of January with six teams competing

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The first round of the annual Rotary Youth Speaks competition took place last week at Burton Bradstock Village Hall. 

Three teams from the Sir John Colfox Academy, two from Beaminster School and one team of sixth formers from joint schools participated.  

Competitors were aged 11 to 13 years for the intermediate competition and 14 to 17 for the senior competition. The adjudicators were Ross Westall, Keith Brown and David Powell who are all well known locally and qualified to discern the elements required for this type of challenge. The topics were really varied and entertaining from “The good old days”, “Once upon a time”, “Fashion-miracle or disaster”, The ever whirling wheel”, “University – is it the only way?” and “Is old literature still relevant to society today?”.

On summing up the judges commented that this years performances continued to maintain the highest standards, for both classes, which has been achieved in this long running event. All the teams were well prepared and gave very polished and professional speeches.

The scoring was so close that the judges awarded a tie for the winners of the  intermediate class so that both teams go forward to the semifinals (second round) to take place at Taunton school on February 6that 6pm. 

The winners of the intermediate competition were both the Colfox A  team of Eddie Rose, Alfred Ross, and Lily Rayner and the Colfox B team of Anna Clark, Roland Ross and Sammy Bumbleton who spoke respectively on “The good old days” and “Once upon a time”.  

The winners of the senior class were the Beaminster team, Arlo Castle, Daisy Barker and Catherine Budden, their subject being ”University – is it the only way”, their speaker, Daisy Barker, was chosen as the best senior speaker of the evening.

Rosie Donaldson won the best speaker award in the intermediate class.

The certificates and prizes were awarded by Rotary President Chrissie Bailey of the Bridport Rotary club which organised the event.