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St Mary's Enterprise Liquidates

St Mary's Young Enterprise "Company" has had a very successful year and has exceeded all its projections. In the current difficult economic climate, and under the leadership of managing director Alex Zadanowicz, St Mary' Enterprise has produced profits to be able to make donations to charity, pay a 100% dividend to their shareholders and give a bonus to all their employees. Alex is in his final year at St Mary's and rose to the challenge of running a real company with all the personnel, financial and other pressures that all businesses face today

Bexhill Rotary clubs Youth Services committee members Frank Field, Martin Haswell and Ray Dixon acted as business advisers to the company which was formed last September. Working under the Young enterprise "Company Scheme" the pupils of St Mary's College set up StME designing their own products which were then produced by the option groups within the college; this effectively involved the whole of the college in the project. The company has traded throughout the year and under the rules of the scheme is now winding up. Young Enterprise staff, who recently visited St Mary's, said that they had seldom seen a better structured company and its results had been truly impressive. The clarity of the board's presentation was better than they had seen in many main line businesses and they concluded by making a special award of