Angela and Kevan Go to Purple Pinkie Day in India November 2009

Wed, Nov 4th 2009 at 12:00 am - 2:00 am

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Vaccinating in Delhi

A Few Words from Kevan just before they set of for India. You can follow their trip by going to their Blog at: 

We're taking part in a huge Rotary International project to finally erradicate polio from the world.

There are only four countries where it's still rife: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria (good acronym, eh? PAIN) and unfortunately they're all a relatively short plane ride away from us. The first country we're going to hit in this big way is India, which is probably the easiest in many ways. Hundreds, probably thousands of Rotarians from all over the world are travelling out to India at their own expense to take part in the National Immunisation Day on 8th November. We just happen to be going to Delhi; the event is taking place in most major cities throughout the country. We'll be there for five days in all and we'll be manning one of the immunisation stations (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine!) and we expect to immunise thousands of people that day. We'll be marking the little fingers of everyone who's been immunised with purple ink: hence we're calling it Purple Pinkie Day! Why are we going? We've been fundraising for this international project for the last couple of years because we think it's such an important issue. The Rotary campaign has been going on since the 1980's and we're nearly there. It just needs a big push, and we'd like to take part in it personally It's a big part of our Rotary District's targets and we're all working together on this. Also, we've been to India before and it's one of those places which puts everything into perspective: we think we have problems? We think life's not easy? We think we're badly done to? Try putting up with some of the things that people over there have to! It's International Rotary Day on 23rd Feb. 2010. We'll be doing a lot of work locally during that week with schools who have already shown interest in the polio project, going along to talk about our experiences in India. Ther are other events planned and it looks as if we'll be working together with the other Rotary club in town in order to make it a really special About us as people, I'm the President of Bourne St. Peter and Angela in the Junior Vice-President. She's also the Chief Executive of NHS Peterborough (the only PCT in the north and midlands to be rated as Excellent by CQC ) so she's a bit of a celeb. as far as that city goes!; I'm a specialist teacher working with rather difficult kids in Boston. We're both 54; we live in Tilia Way, Bourne and have three children, two at Bourne Grammar and one at Nottingham University. We've been fortunate, and I suppose we're both involved in Rotary as it's a way of giving something back.

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