International & Foundation Projects

Service Projects that benefit communities overseas

Workers and volunteers erect a fence round the teaching farm in Lesotho

Rotary is a worldwide organisation which enables a small local club to undertake projects that benefit communities overseas as well as locally. The International Action Group aims to have at least one such project ongoing. Listed below are some recent projects undertaken by the Club.

Members benefit from being part of the larger community of Rotary International for various reasons:

  • When travelling you can visit any of 33,000 Clubs in more than 200 countries and regions.
  • At the annual RI Convention, which all Rotarians should attend at least once, you can hear world leaders speak, and mix with your peers from all over the globe.
  • In the Rotary World you feel an instant sense of belonging.
  • You can contribute to the world's largest charity, either hands on or financially.
  • You belong to a worldwide business network.


We have sometimes raised money to purchase these boxes to help in disaster areas. Both were started by Rotary UK clubs. Sometimes we have had schools get involved in Aquabox, which at around £100 each, are an affordable target for fundraising. In 2017 we raised over £2000 towards the purchase of Shelterboxes for recent disasters.


To fund our International Projects we often hold a Barbeque in the summer to which friends and family are invited. A great event if the weather behaves.


Originally called "Trees for Africa" the intention was to plant trees, but its scope was widened to provide facilities at the teaching farm in the village of Malealea, Lesotho. It included reclaiming one hectare of land, irrigation facilities with solar pump and delivering written and practical skills to students at a total cost of $35,000.The project was delivered by the charity Africa's Gift.

We  obtained approval from our District for a matching grant, and a grant from Rotary Foundation. Our two twin clubs and two other local clubs, Sitwell and Barnsley, also contributed to meet the total cost. There was also hands-on support from a local school, St Bernards.

There is currently a demand for further funding for the teaching farm which the committee are considering supporting.


The Club is twinned with two other Rotary Clubs, Waikerie in South Australia and Riesa-Elbland in Germany. Fairly regular exchange visits have taken place with Riesa, but it is a while since a formal visit was arranged with Waikerie though single members have visited when in the country. These visits are a good way to see Rotary in action abroad as well as being very enjoyable socially.

As indicated above, joint projects have been carried out with Riesa with the encouragement of grants from Rotary Foundation.


Some International Projects have been organised to wholly or partially benefit the Rotary Foundation (see separate section) or initiatives such as Polio Plus which are funded through the Foundation.

Recent events have been piano recitals by Benjamin Frith, a talk by Adele Pennington and Polio Plus Collections outside local supermarkets.

Generally money raised for the Foundation Fund comes from members and friends.


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