Club Assembly 27 May 2010

Thu, May 27th 2010 at 12:00 am -


1. Committee Membership

I have [so far] invited the following to be members of the Committee:-

Peter Eaglesfield because, as next year's President, he clearly should be a member.

Doug McCall because, as next year's President Elect, he will have nominal responsibility for Charter Night and actual responsibility for the Partners' and Friends Evening.

Ian Broadbent as our Treasurer.

Iain Henderson as the Club's "Executive Secretary"

Michael Emberton because he usually sets up the "running order" for Charter Night.

Ray Bell because he has experience as both a former secretary to and treasurer of the Club and is to serve as one of our almoners.

Robert Nelson because he is likewise to serve as one of our almoners.

Tony Slee as a younger and newer member of the Club.

Having said this I extend an invitation to any member of the Club who feels that he or she would wish to be a member of the Committee and that he or she may be able to make a contribution to our deliberations.

2. Communications

I shall continue [as at present and with the kind assistance of Iain Henderson] to forward to members as appropriate e-mail communications received from R.I. and R.I.B.I.

3. Minutes

I shall continue [again as at present and with the assistance of Iain Henderson] to forward to all members by e-mail the Minutes of all Club Council Meetings and reports produced at those Meetings but emphasise that all Club members are invited to attend Council Meetings and are encouraged to do so.

4. Club Programme

The current programme expires at the end of July and I shall shortly be preparing a continuation for August onwards. The format will be similar to that introduced in this Rotary Year, ie., a nominated member and two reserves for each week and on the basis that each member will preferably supply a guest speaker or, failing that, be willing to speak personally. The members who "escaped" this year because, for example, their allotted dates were used for District Quiz matches and the like, will be the first in line in August onwards.

5. Attendances

I shall continue to pass round an attendance board at each meeting and as at present. I would remind members to claim appropriate "credits" by completing details on the second page. I shall continue as at present to advise our almoners of any absentees whose absences may be a cause for concern.

6. Implementation of the Club Leadership Plan

Members will recollect that we resolved at an open Club meeting in December to adopt the new Rotary Leadership Plan with effect from the 1st July this year. This will, hopefully, streamline our administration and our decision making but we are entering unchartered waters where there may be some navigational errors and I do ask for the understanding and forbearance of members at least for the first few weeks of the new Rotary year

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