Esk Valley Rotary Send 3 ShelterBoxes To Haiti 2010

Fri, Jan 22nd 2010 at 12:00 am -


Esk Valley Rotary Send 3 ShelterBoxes To Haiti

Esk Valley Rotary danced the night away at a Ceilidh to help the victims of the Haiti eathquake.  The 3 ShelterBoxes numbered 40653, 40654 & 40655 have been sent to Haiti.

The first ShelterBoxes to arrive in the Haiti have been immediately put to use by doctors in desperate need of equipment to help treat huge numbers of injured by the earthquake.

 Families with newborn babies and pregnant women are being provided with emergency shelter in ShelterBox tents.

Response Team members have set up a ShelterBox camp for up to 1,000 people on the Henfrasa sports field in Delmas, Port au Prince, those most in need.

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