KidsOut Day

Along with many other Rotary Clubs throughout the country, Teignmouth takes part in the annual KidsOut Day and entertains 100 - 150 special needs children, plus their teachers, helpers and carers to a day of fun!


Along with many other Rotary Clubs throughout the country, Teignmouth took part in the annual KidsOut Day, this time at Lady's Mile Holiday Park Dawlish, and provided entertainment and food for special needs children from local schools, along with their teachers, helpers and carers. They enjoyed a disco, a show and lovely homemade pizza.

The day was a huge success!

250,000 children were involved across the country.

2020,2021,2022 Covid stopped play!


The October visit to Paignton Zoo for disadvantaged children was a great success. The children were all pre school age and I don't think any of them had been to the Zoo before. The weather was warm, dry and still, perfect for strolling around and talking to the animals. We managed to get KidsOut caps for our party to make us all identifiable as a Rotary group.

The Zoo was reasonably quiet, which made it good for everyone to spend as much time as they wanted in each area. To our surprise it was not the lions, tigers, giraffes or monkeys that the children were desperate to see, it was the giant tortoises. We were so lucky that the staff in charge of the giant tortoises then gave us a half hour session where they encouraged the tortoises around their enclosure with delicious celery and told us all about them. The big one in the photo weighs 250kgs and is about 4 feet across. The keepers wear steel capped shoes just in case the tortoise decides to sit on their foot. When fully grown they can weigh up to 400 kgs.

It was the first time that Rotary had become involved in KidsOut since Covid and it was really worth while. We are still planning events for 2024 but we are pretty sure we will want to repeat this visit to the Zoo. It was a great day for not only the children but also those Rotary members who went along.

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